Renault Duster: The unstoppable SUV for dreamers and achievers


When you’re a driven individual with dreams to chase and much to achieve, you would be wise to seek a four-wheeled companion that would complement your drive towards a better life. While there are hundreds of cars competing for your attention, one that actually fits the bill is a hard find. 

An ideal car for those constantly on the move and climbing the success ladder one step at a time, while still living a life defined by freedom and confidence, is unquestionably the 2021 Renault Duster. Aligning with your ambitions, the Duster brings together a galaxy of automotive features, coupled with powerful design and comfortable interiors that make it your ideal partner for everyday driving. 

Here’s our rationale:

  • Value for your hard-earned money 

The Renault Duster offers genuine value for money, with head-turning exteriors to flaunt and an unmatched sense of ease and space in its luxury interiors. The list of benefits is vast, but with a reliable engine under its hood — one of either a 1.6L 4X2 or a 2.0L 4X4, both of which grant drivers a dynamic experience — and an exceptionally attractive price point, the Duster is a class-above SUV that will prove to be one of your better choices. From the new, finely crafted signature ‘C’ shape front LED lighting to the highly modular layout of the interior that allows you to arrange the cabin space to suit your needs (1/3 –2/3 foldable bench seats), making the redesigned ergonomics make each drive easier and more comfortable than ever. 

  • It’s a true tech all-rounder

Picture this: you are on a busy street and just spotted an open parking space. People are crisscrossing, and you are surrounded by mobile and parked cars. Wouldn’t it be great if you could park your car fast and with complete ease of mind? You’re in luck because the Duster’s 4×4 monitoring will help you navigate your surroundings, while the blind spot warning keeps you at a distance from anything or person in your proximity. Conversely, if you are on your way from a parked position, ready to take on a new adventure, the Duster’s Media Nav 4.0 will grant you full control of the car through an intuitive and reliable mapping system that makes sure you don’t need to unlock your phone so that you can focus on the ride and leave all other worries to your four-wheeled, on-road partner. Additionally, the cruise control and speed limiter systems in the car ensure you focus on the little pleasures of driving, while the car does its magic and keeps you within the set limits. So, play your favorite song, sing along at the top of your voice, and just enjoy the landscapes that surround you. 

The all-terrain design is complemented by the Duster’s chrome grille surround, and Hill Descent Control ensuring drivers are never shy of off-roading, navigating a mountain, or driving on lesser travelled paths and terrains. Additionally, the Duster’s high-ground clearance keeps you safe and stable inside the car, helping you take charge and dominate the path you are on, no matter the condition and situation. It is also equipped with latest automotive features to make sure you and your loved ones are secure when in the car, whether driving to your favorite lunch spot at the mall or taking that weekend drive across the Emirate; your onboard well-being is perfectly taken care of.

  • Where YOU are the universe 

If you are ambitious, motivated, and passionate about life, the 2021 Renault Duster is made for those who know how to enjoy life and how to live in the present. It complements and adapts to your lifestyle, caters to your driving needs and that of you family, and grants you an exceptional experience that has you driving one of the best all-round vehicles on the market.