Reopening of Dubai Down Syndrome Center Brings Hope and Support Back to Families Post COVID Hiatus


Dubai Down Syndrome Center (DDSC), a unique and special learning facility for individuals with Down syndrome and their families, is thrilled to announce its long-awaited reopening. A temporary closure of the facility was mandated due to COVID-19 safety concerns; however, the center is now set to resume all vital services, bringing back a healthy and safe learning environment for students aged 13 and above.

Dubai Down Syndrome Center relaunched yesterday at Mirdif 35 shopping mall and brought together families of the community with the team of skilled special needs education experts, including behavior therapists, to celebrate this joyous milestone.

Zoya Belyaeva, Center Manager of Dubai Down Syndrome Center, expressed her enthusiasm about the center’s reopening, saying, “We are super excited to welcome back our incredible students and families and extend our unwavering commitment and support to those who rely on our services. The past year and a half have definitely been challenging; however, we are emerging from it stronger and more determined than ever to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.”

Dubai Down Syndrome Center’s vision is to empower individuals with Down syndrome to flourish and lead fulfilled lives. They create a nurturing, holistic environment to help children develop their full potential, gain essential life skills, and become active contributors to their communities. DDSC remains committed to providing personalized educational programs, fostering a sense of belonging, encouraging social and independent behaviors, and advocating for the rights and inclusion of special individuals in our society.

As DDSC reopens its doors, the entire team promises to create a world where individuals with Down syndrome are celebrated for their unique abilities and contributions.