Rite. launches GLOW


** Promote thicker hair, healthy skin and stronger nails with the new GLOW gummies from rite. **

If you are one of those who are experiencing thinning hair, brittle nails and loss of elasticity in the skin, then you need to incorporate the new GLOW gummies from rite. in your daily routine! The new gummy vitamins launched perfectly in time for summer to nourish your skin, hair and nails from the inside out. They are the best vitamins to curate a well-rounded supplement routine ready to boost your beauty, as they will provide you with the right nutrients that will go a long way in achieving the perfect outcomes. 

Introducing GLOW gummies into your wellness routine may significantly improve your health, appearance and also bring out a positive effect. It contains a unique blend of beauty-centric vitamins, botanicals and amino acids that will work to supplement your diet perfectly. They have adapted the top beauty ingredients to support and help all components for thicker hair, healthy skin, and stronger nails. These gummies are made in France and contain delicious, natural and 100% vegan ingredients including the enriched flavour of rose petal and raspberry. Most importantly, these gummies are reduced in sugars. 

GLOW is fortified with 1000 microgram of Biotin and a blend of nourishing plants such as horsetail and rose petals for a glowing skin and stronger hair, plus all key ingredients for a stronger hair growth and the stimulation of collagen production such as Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin B3, L-Cystine, Selenium and Zinc. The other advantage is that it includes no gelatine, GMO and are free of synthetic colours and artificial flavours. By adding this formula to your care routine will also support your metabolism and give you a much-needed boost.

All you need to do is take just two gummies each day at any time as part of your daily wellness and beauty routine. It is designed for all hair types such as straight, frizzy or curly and is recommended to be taken for at least 3 months to see optimal results. You can purchase your rite. gummies on http://www.myrite.co, with free shipping across the UAE, delivered to you within two business days from the date of order and some special gifts on 3-month pack with a lovely pocket mirror and a beautiful jade roller for the 6-month pack. 

Let’s GLOW now!

About rite.: 

rite. is a new brand that specialises in clean gummy vitamins for adults. The concept was developed in Dubai by two friends Guillaume and Sebastien, then developed alongside pharmacist and nutritionist experts in a certified laboratory in France. The delicious vitamin gummies are 100% vegan, made with fruit pectin, natural flavours and reduced in sugar. The mission of the brand is to change the way we think about vitamins and make having our daily vitamins a fun, delicious and healthy experience.