Roads & Transport Authority and Digital Dubai Launch ‘Dubai in Motion’ at GITEX 2021

  • The project aims to optimize mobility and transport in the emirate, using digital data to forecast movement patterns of individuals and vehicles to support decision makers.

Dubai: As part of their participation in GITEX Global 2021, Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) and Digital Dubai have launched a project titled ‘Dubai in Motion’ that aims to facilitate informed and effective decision-making on transport and community planning, and to improve people’s mobility and promote happiness in Dubai.

Drawing on vast amounts of collected data, ‘Dubai in Motion’ creates models and scenarios of people’s current mobility patterns, means of transport, and other possible scenarios, to make adjustments and meet all needs and expectations in the transport sector. 

The project provides decision makers with insight into public transport movements, designing probable scenarios to make both operational and strategic transport-related decisions. It also provides information about areas that welcome tourists, calculates mobility time and periods, and analyzes the transport movement before and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

H.E. Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General of Digital Dubai and CEO of the Dubai Data Establishment, said: “The data sector is gaining an increasingly significant role in fulfilling Dubai’s comprehensive digital transformation goals. When invested properly, data has great potential to present innovative solutions and strategies that support decision-making processes, building on an accurate understanding of people’s needs and life experiences in the smart city.”

“‘Dubai in Motion’ will provide decision makers with statistics-based indices about the transport sector and people’s movement in Dubai, benefitting from both city and transport data. This data will also help develop digital models of public transport to support planning for the main transportation elements in Dubai and improve the transport sector – a fundamental pillar of smart cities,” H.E. Al Nasser added.

“Dubai in Motion culminates our fruitful cooperation with Digital Dubai through which we seek to exchange information relating to the public transport network in the emirate. It aims to assess the needs of individuals and meet their expectations in this vital sector. The project constitutes a huge support to RTA’s strategy aimed at integrating the digital transformation through digitizing transport services and making Dubai residents happier,” said Mohammed Al Mudharreb, CEO of Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, RTA.

“RTA is keen to use the latest technology such as the blockchain, paperless transactions, big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, and employ them in easing the mobility of people across Dubai. We are confident of the powerful role of the Dubai in Motion project and the information of Dubai Pulse platform in supporting our efforts towards planning the future transportation and operations. It will also assist us in improving the quality of services delivered to the public and realizing the vision to become ‘The world leader in seamless & sustainable mobility,” added Al Mudharreb.

The project builds on a set of specialized data, covering hotels, communities, buses, and taxis, among others, to draw various scenarios dedicated to defining possible improvements to public transport, accessibility, and mobility. 

The implementation phase will draw on accidents, airports, events, and metro data, to identify public transport efficacy, traffic at Expo 2020, and external factors influencing public transport. Furthermore, the project depicts future possibilities about green spaces planning, infrastructure, and other vital aspects. 

‘Dubai in Motion’ is the first stage of digitally transforming transport in the city, which focuses mainly on taxi movement patterns in Dubai, encouraging people to use new and more appropriate public transport, and adopting more flexible means of transportation. 

The RTA and Digital Dubai will further enhance their collaboration to create innovative methods and tools that benefit from data to improve transport planning and make informed infrastructure decisions. Both authorities aim to develop a digital model of Dubai capable of visualizing and analyzing data from a large set of resources, as well as leading the city’s efforts to explore vital future-planning scenarios regarding clean transport and sustainable energy, which will further boost Dubai’s services, life quality, and economy.