VALORANT fans to come together at Media One Hotel this weekend to celebrate Riot Games latest hit

Dubai, UAE: Riot Games MENA’s first-of-its-kind hybrid event series has made its move from Cairo to the UAE with a weekend long assembly that sees the best in regional gaming unite this coming Friday (December 17) and Saturday (December 18) at the Media One Hotel, Dubai. 

Following huge success in Cairo last weekend, the Dubai event is the second in a series which sees players at the in-person event be in Earth 1, the physical realm, with a mission to defuse the objective otherwise known as the spike in the game. Players from Earth 2 (online virtual realm) will be attempting to sabotage their missions and will be able to interact with the events in the physical venue aided by a commander and an undercover agent. 

The commander is the online host of the event, who guides the show by live broadcasting from a remote studio while interacting with the audience and their undercover agent. The undercover agent, whose part is being kept under wraps until the event takes place, receives orders to aid the agents from Earth 2 in their sabotage. By handing the power to the community, RIOT Games aims to engage fans from across MENA through a single otherworldly mission experience.

“Our event series aims to bridge the gap between online gaming and face-to-face socialising. While gaming in its nature is typically confined to digital platforms, this weekend will see Dubai’s best and most keen gamers gather together to converse, demonstrate ability as well as share their insight into the game,” said Luciano Rahal, PR & Communications Manager at Riot Games MENA

“We’ve also invited the who’s who of the UAE’s gaming talent to help our Earth 1 players succeed in navigating the really cool activations we have going on. In attendance we will have the likes of YJY online, I6rba5, Basharkk, Jellyfish and RuDex under one roof. This is also a really good chance for fans to meet their favourite pros and content creators live and in person,” added Rahal.

Adrenaline inducing activations that fans can take part in over the weekend include: 

Phoenix Flames: Unleash the Phoenix in you and superheat Radi-Core cubes as they fly across the air. Can you handle the heat?

Cypher’s Corridor: Stay alert and remain hidden from the watchful eyes of Cypher. Avoid his surveillance lasers or risk revealing your location.

Omen’s Labyrinth: Enter the maze and try to stay clear-headed in a room filled with smog, stroboscopic lights, misdirection, and confusing sounds and voices. You have 1 minute to make it through – do you have what it takes? 

Spike Defusion: Upon Spike activation, you and your fellow agents have 45 seconds to come together and defuse it. Each Earth-1 defender will receive a mobile defuser add-on at the entrance of the venue.

Renowned Egyptian DJ, Zeina will be setting the ambience with her beats throughout the two-day event.

Following the events in Cairo and Dubai, the third and final event will take place in KSA in January.

PLEASE NOTE: To enter the event venue, visitors must provide proof of receiving at least one dose of the vaccination or a valid negative PCR test.


VALORANT is a competitive 5v5 character-based tactical shooter for the PC developed by Riot Games. VALORANT is a precise and lethal multiplayer game with high-fidelity gunplay, a diverse arsenal of guns, agents with unique abilities, and competitively tuned maps for thousands of hours of play. 

VALORANT is a free-to-play game and optimized to perform on a wide variety of PC hardware, allowing for a global audience to compete. Demonstrated by the game’s best-in-class game server quality, global infrastructure, and proprietary anti-cheat technology, Riot Games is committed to preserving the core tenets of the tactical shooter genre and upholding the competitive integrity of the gameplay experience. 

VALORANT quickly established itself as a fan-favorite among the global first-person shooter community after launching its closed beta in April 2020. The game made history on its first day, breaking viewership records with 34 million hours-watched in a single day, and surpassing 1.7 million peak concurrent viewers, a peak concurrent record second only to Riot Games’ 2019 League of Legends World Championship Finals. Over the course of VALORANT’s two-month beta testing period, an average of nearly 3 million players logged on each day to play. Fans also demonstrated their enthusiasm for the shooter by watching more than 470 million hours of VALORANT closed beta streams on Twitch, the world’s leading service and community for multiplayer entertainment, and Korean video-streaming service AfreecaTV.

About Riot Games:

Riot Games was founded in 2006 to develop, publish, and support the most player-focused games in the world. In 2009, Riot released its debut title, League of Legends, to worldwide acclaim. League has gone on to be the most-played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of esports. 

As League enters its second decade, Riot continues to evolve the game while delivering new experiences to players with VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and multiple work-in-progress titles, while exploring the world of Runeterra through multimedia projects across music, comic books, TV, and more. Founded by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, Riot is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has 2,500+ Rioters in 20+ offices worldwide.