Samsung AirDresser: How world-class functions are reimagining high-end clothing care


Today, the modern consumer wants the most advanced products that make life easier and provide greater value than ever before. The tech evolution has impacted every area for consumers in recent times, with new creative concepts and the latest advancements in innovation opening up a whole new world of possibilities. At Samsung, we are always happy to meet expectations and demands as a market-leading innovator. Through the winning combination of creativity and technology, we have offered all of you an extensive range of products across different segments, delivering ease and simplicity without compromising on quality. 

In fact, we entered the New Year riding a huge wave of momentum for several reasons – and one of these was the rising popularity of our next-generation AirDresser. Introduced specifically to reimagine high-end clothing care, this luxurious appliance has already proven that is it unlike any other available in the market. With dedicated features and world-class functions to cater to your needs, this must-have product is an invaluable addition to any household. 

Innovative and incomparable, the AirDresser sanitizes, refreshes, and revitalizes clothing without the need to wash. An exemplary example of Samsung’s customer-centric approach, the AirDresser is a breath of fresh air in clothing care – handling all of the work so you don’t have to. 

So, this begs the question, ‘How exactly is this possible?’ Here, we provide the answers and highlight the invaluable features that will benefit you by purchasing the AirDresser: 

Refreshed clothing 

Many of us have clothes that are not worn as often as others, with items that fall into this category remaining in the closet for longer period until special occasions arise. In years gone by, though, this has also presented issues because clothes acquire dust between periods of inactivity. Fortunately, the Jet Air system and Air Hanger features permanently take care of this issue – playing a key role in reimagined high-end clothing care. All dust particles are loosened and eliminated by the powerful air blown up and down the closet – keeping items fully refreshed, so there is no more short-term panic or stress. At the same time, Self Clean technology dehumidifies, sanitizes, and deodorizes the whole cabinet while your clothes are being stored, so they always emerge in brilliant condition. 

Enhanced cleanliness 

Sanitization is something important for everybody and a guarantee with the AirDresser thanks to the JetSteam and Deodorizing features – which ensure a 100 percent clean with no wash. This is because it captures and removes odor-causing gases, preventing them building up on your clothes – with 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, 100 percent of house mites, and 99 percent of odor-causing gases and other harmful substances all eliminated. As such, you can wear your clothes and go about your day with peace of mind that they are virus-free – with  free no germs or any other undesirable elements that pose a risk to your health and well-being. 

Farewell to creases and greetings to convenience

An appliance that epitomizes luxury, the AirDresser relies on a host of features to redefine high-end clothing care. Creases have always been inconvenient as we aim for the perfect appearance – and they are now completely avoidable thanks to the Wrinkle Care function. Whatever the fabric may be, creases are no longer a concern, as air and steam are brought together to remove irregularities and completely refresh your style. What’s more, other contributing factors behind this newfound convenience are the upper JetAir and lower Heat Pump. Because these features work together to maintain optimal air circulation, your clothes are dried evenly – playing a helping hand in consistent-looking clothes without creases. 

Seamless management with Smart Things

Emerging technologies are now ever-present in our daily lives and, with the AirDresser, they have now been introduced to clothing care. This is because the appliance can be managed and maintained with Smart Things, the innovative feature backed by artificial intelligence (AI). Enabling unrivalled performance through the use of data, ‘Care Recipe’ suggests the best cycles per clothing types, ‘My Closet’ recommends courses for your clothes, ‘Special Course’ lets you access common and specialist cycles, and ‘Home Care’ enables troubleshooting – brining new meaning to high-end clothing care.