Samsung contributing to the UAE’s sustainability agenda with its ‘Eco-packaging’ for Lifestyle TVs


Dubai, UAE: Samsung’s promise to further reduce its environmental footprint has been a resounding success following the impact of ‘eco-packaging’, a concept for the brand’s Lifestyle TV products portfolio introduced in 2019. The initiative has promoted and encouraged the efficient use of resources to contribute to environmental well-being worldwide, resulting in Samsung being recognized at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

The development of eco-packaging began when Samsung identified that there must be a way to turn TV packaging into something useful rather than merely disposing of it. Subsequent efforts in this direction, together with consumers already purchasing additional items to store television accessories and wanting to help the environment, resulted in the concept coming to life. 

Samsung Gulf Electronics has a proud history of leading innovations in technology, products, and solutions that inspire communities and the eco-packaging project represented the next step of the brand’s long-standing commitment. Samsung aimed to give a second life to package waste and participate in protecting the environment. Since then, eco-packaging has enabled both consumers and the brand to reduce their environmental footprints, which resonates with the UAE’s widespread sustainability activities.

“At Samsung, our values have always revolved around innovation, creativity, and design. As the world pursues innovative strategies that consider the environment, we are happy to provide customers with experiences that enable them to express themselves while contributing to the environment,” said Mustafa Sadick, Regional Director Head of Visual Display Group, Samsung Electronics. “Today, consumers are conscious of their surroundings and interacting with brands that share the same principles is important to many. TV boxes specially designed to be upcycled and help environmental causes have reaffirmed to our consumers that we care about them and the environment.”

Implementing collective ways of innovation that drive creative ideas to promote global excellence and competitiveness is fundamental to UAE Vision 2021, and Samsung’s initiative aligns with the National Agenda. The eco-packaging is made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard and has been applied to three of the market’s most popular products – The Serif, The Sero, and The Frame. 

Today, Samsung’s sustainability credentials continue to be enhanced, and consumers purchasing The Serif, The Sero, or The Frame in the UAE are contributing to the mutual environment footprint vision of Samsung, the country’s leadership, and themselves. Moving forward, consumers who purchase new Lifestyle TV’s will also find it much easier to recycle while benefitting from upcycling the cardboard boxes for creative re-use. 

A dot-matrix design has been applied to each side of Samsung’s eco-friendly corrugated cardboard boxes, allowing customers to cut and assemble boxes quickly and conveniently so they can put them to use for various things, such as storage, pet houses, magazine racks, shelves, or other creative ideas.