Saudi German Hospitals Group introduces a new range of highly specialized medical Services

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President and Vice Chairman, Saudi German Hospitals Group

Saudi German Hospitals (SGH) Group has announced that its hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have introduced a range of highly subspecialized services across its hospitals to support the needs of the communities they serve. 

With hospitals strategically located across Saudi Arabia and the rest of the MENA region, the Group lives up to its promise of delivering patient-focused services. In Jeddah, the hospital has introduced treatment for arrhythmia, a breast clinic, diabetic foot care, and a varicose veins clinic, while diabetic foot care and facial cosmetics surgery were introduced in Riyadh, in addition to clinics specializing in asthma, breast care, movement disorders, varicose veins and gynoplasty.

Furthermore, the hospital in Aseer introduced clinics specializing in varicose veins, epilepsy, sleep disorders, asthma, sickle cell and thalassemia treatments, breast care and gynoplasty. Treatment for diabetic foot, various heart conditions, sleep disorders and sports injuries are offered by SGH in Madinah as well as a smoking cessation program. In addition, SGH in Hail introduced diabetic foot care, an epilepsy clinic, and a smoking cessation program, while the new hospital in Dammam has introduced diabetic foot care, a varicose veins clinic and treatment for pediatric and adult asthma. 

In addition to this wide array of subspecialties that have been introduced to the Group’s Hospitals in KSA, a breast clinic and diabetic foot care are also now available at Saudi German Hospital Cairo, in Egypt.

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President and Vice Chairman, Saudi German Hospitals Group, said: “In line with our aim to provide world-class, innovative and personalized healthcare services, we are proud to offer unique and highly specialized treatments at our new subspecialty clinics. The move is part of our continuing efforts to innovate our approach to medical care.”

He further added: “Having a long-standing reputation as a world-class healthcare provider in the region, it is our mission to lead the regional medical community into the future without losing sight of the wellbeing of our patients. We remain steadfast in offering customized and personalized care to patients to meet their specific medical needs.”

Patients can find out more about the new specialties and book an appointment by contacting Saudi German Hospitals Group call centre at 920007997 in KSA.