Saudi Infant returns to life after three months in intensive care 85-days in a nursery saved him from respiratory failure and quadrupled his weight



Specialized health care extended for 85 days contributed to the safe discharge of a premature baby healthy and without any complications.

Saudi Health said on Sunday, September 10, that physicians at Yanbu General Hospital (western Saudi Arabia) successfully dealt with a high-risk case of premature childbirth. The mother arrived at the hospital emergency suffering from a lack of fetal fluid with several infections and a medical history of repeated miscarriages.

As a result of her health condition, induced labor was performed, delivering a baby boy weighing only 550 grams at the age of 23 weeks.

The infant was immediately transferred to the newborn intensive care unit, where he was found to have respiratory failure due to incomplete lung development, which required him to be put on a ventilator and given medications.

After 85 days in the hospital, the child was discharged weighing a staggering 1.8 kg. He is healthy and without any complications expected to occur for those in his condition, which usually include brain hemorrhage, retinopathy, and respiratory problems.

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