Savoye reports an increase in the demand for sustainable supply chain products in H1 2021

Frédéric Zielinski, Managing Director of Savoye Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Savoye, a global provider of complete supply chain solutions, recently announced that a growing number of sustainability-conscious clients are contributing to the increase in the demand for its eco-friendly technology products and software in the first half of 2021, compared to the same period last year. 

Among the top performers within Savoye’s suite of solutions is ODATiO, a supply chain execution software that combines warehouse management system (WMS) and transport management system (TMS) to provide seamless and efficient supply chain management as well as its JIVARO packing machine that adjusts the carton to the contents leading to reduction in shipments.

 Frédéric Zielinski, Managing Director of Savoye Europe, Middle East, and Africa, said: “Sustainability is now taking the center stage in the global supply chain industry, and Savoye’s custom-built offerings are enabling our clients to enhance their operations while minimizing their carbon footprint. The increase in the demand for sustainable supply chain solutions during the first half of this year compared to H1 2020 has shown that our eco-friendly approach is being appreciated by many. Soon, further enhancements of existing installations will greatly improve our sustainability efforts by 20 to 30 per cent since customers will not be systematically required to purchase new systems anymore. We do not stop here; we continue to look for more innovative and sustainable supply chain solutions for our global partners and clients.” 

Today, various companies and organizations are shifting to more sustainable supply chain technologies. According to studies, 65 to 95 per cent of a company’s total CO2 emissions come from suppliers, while reports from last year confirm that 33 per cent of consumers are looking for sustainable products and practices among supply chain groups and companies. For instance, there has been a rise in the deployment of GPS devices to minimize the use of fuels.

Advanced warehouse and transport management solutions offered by Savoye are designed to optimize the supply and delivery of products while minimizing unnecessary resource expenditure. 

 Sustainable software, including ODATiO, automated packing machines etc provide options for supply chain participants to integrate innovative alternatives such as clean energy and reusable waste materials from warehouses to enhance overall production and distribution.