Schneider Electric to implement predictive maintenance for Dr Samir Abbas Hospital


Schneider’s technology will ensure that Saudi Arabia’s landmark hospital for fertility treatment will be running 24/7, without any downtime

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Jeddah’s Dr Samir Abbas Hospital, the leading facility for fertility treatment in the Kingdom, has agreed a landmark agreement with Schneider Electric that covers service for the electrical equipment servicing the hospital’s IVF laboratory. Thanks to Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Asset Advisor software, the hospital will take a proactive approach to maintenance, ensuring that the laboratory’s electrical equipment will always be serviced and working 24/7.

The 170-bed private hospital is specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and Women Wellness. The hospital was founded three years ago by Dr Samir Abbas, a pioneer in the field of women’s reproduction and assisted reproductive techniques. With over 40 years of experience in the field of infertility, Dr Abbas was the first person to facilitate a test tube baby in the Arab and Muslim world, back in 1986. Dr Abbas also performed the very first successful in-vitro fertilization procedure In Saudi Arabia. 

Today, the hospital and its four clinics performs over 4,000 infertility therapeutic cycles per year, and approximately 35% of these cycles use the latest in genetic technologies. Dr Samir Abbas hospital is the only privately-owned medical facility to provide an in-house genetic testing facility, to ensure the highest quality controls. The hospital is pioneering new testing techniques in the region, including preimplantation genetic and molecular testing, and chromosome analysis. The hospital’s IVF success rates are among the best in the Kingdom.

A stable power supply is essential for maintaining optimal conditions in the IVF laboratory for embryo culture and development. The laboratory’s electrical systems will be maintained by Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Asset Advisor solution, which makes use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to provide a high level of predictive maintenance that will both substantially reduce both costs and ensure there’s no downtime for this important equipment. 

“We’re the most trusted name in the Kingdom when it comes to fertility treatment, and we wanted to put in place technology that’d help us ensure that every piece of electrical equipment in the laboratory is working optimally,” said Dr Samir Abbas. “Thanks to Schneider Electric, we now have a solution that’ll help us maintain and service equipment predictively and proactively, so we tackle issues before they become problems. And that means our staff can focus on treating our patients.”

Schneider Electric will also provide the Hospital with a two-year service contract that includes on-site support for any electrical issues. Working with the hospital’s operations staff, the service team will be able to anticipate and address issues before they become critical incidents, to mitigate safety risks, avoid unplanned downtime, and expensive maintenance interventions. The EcoStruxure Asset Advisor software will monitor and evaluate data from the laboratory’s internet-connected assets 24/7 and will inform the service team when anomalies are detected.

“The Samir Abbas hospital is an icon to the healthcare sector in the Kingdom, and it’s always led from the front,” said Adel El Ouahma, Vice President Services, Schneider Electric Saudi Arabia. “They’ve taken an equally ambitious approach to their operations management, by leveraging predictive maintenance technologies powered by the Internet of Things and cloud computing to optimize how their equipment is managed around the clock. The EcoStruxure Asset Advisor will ensure that there’s no unplanned electrical shutdowns and optimize their energy usage. They’re proving that technology can support even the most sensitive operations.” 

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