School Announces Its 2nd Sports Scholarship Under KDHA’s Rahhal Programme


School opens its sports scholarship program for the new academic year for any UAE student

Susan Rubin Varghese, Principal

UAE:  As part of the Rahhal program, launched by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai (Under 10X initiative), The Indian Academy (TIA) school announced that it has opened sports scholarship programme for the new academic year 2021 – 22 – allowing students to achieve their athletic pursuits along with their academic goals.

Under this program, the school will provide up to 60% scholarship in the tuition fees for exceptional student-athletes a concession amount (determined on a case-by-case basis and for a single academic year) towards their tuition fees. In addition, they will also have the flexibility to take extended time off from school to train/compete in tournaments, without the fear of losing out on studies. The school will not only provide required training at their extensive sports facility, but also support to catch up on missed studies by dedicating teachers and extra classes for them. The scholarship program is open to any deserving student studying in the UAE.

“KHDA’s initiative provides an opportunity for students to realise their full potential and benefit from learning both within and outside the school,” said Susan Rubin Varghese, Principal. “We are committed to connecting our students to their passion and helping them achieve their goals without any compromise. We commend KHDA’s efforts and look forward to supporting deserving students and promoting sportsmanship and key skills.”

Learners participating in Rahhal will be recognised by KHDA and also work closely with teachers at TIA to ensure maximum learning.