Scitra Wins Global Aerosol Award


England, United Kingdom: ME NewsWireSoaps and Chemicals Industrial and Trading Co. (SCITRA) was recognized in the New Aerosol of the Year and Sustainability Award Category. The panel of the industry experts described the product a “holistic approach to refill cooking, the product considers the entire process in making and using the product”. The product was recognized as it over comes modern day challenges to not only provide greener environmentally friendly solutions but also to support improved safety.

The combinations of Scitra’s many years of experience in Aerosol manufacturing and Eco-burner zero fuel waste, fully recyclable butane, propane filled product ensures that Eco-burner Chafo’s range of products can be refilled in a safe, convenient, environmentally sustainable and cost effective manner.

“The Eco-burner concept together with the aerosol can refill has been independently tested and verified. There is a 75% reduction in the carbon emissions when you switch from tradition fuels to the Eco-burner Chafo system”, says Farhan Siddiqui, Head of Project at Scitra.

The judges applauded the product produced by Scitra as efficient, cost effective, reducing waste and reducing carbon emissions versus traditional methods”, says Stephanus Ferreira, Head of Science and Quality at Scitra.

Please congratulate the Scitra – Eco-burner team for being recognized on global stage at the British Aerosols Manufacturers’ Association.