SENSOTOP, French company to showcase new cutting-edge sensor technology for hydrocarbon leaks at ADIPEC 2022


United Arab Emirates: SENSOTOP, a French company specialized in the supply of innovative detection systems for Assets Integrity in tankfarms and pipelines, will present its new high accuracy best available technology sensor at ADIPEC 2022 which is taking place from October 31st to November 3rd, at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. 

Hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), ADIPEC is the world’s most influential gathering for energy industry professionals that will convene to identify opportunities and advance the industry’s ambitions to tackle climate change, the energy transition and ensure energy security across new value chain.  

A new technology to improve safety in high-consequence areas

SENSOTOP will be exhibiting SPILLANGEL™, an ATEX ultraviolet optical sensor for the detection of liquid hydrocarbon leaks on the ground and on the surface of the water, with very high accuracy. Previously inaccessible, this already well-known cutting-edge technology has been miniaturized to reduce its cost and finally make it competitive in the detection and safety market. Thanks to its UV technology, the SPILLANGEL™ remotely captures the specific fluorescence of the oil. This has several advantages: it does not come into direct contact with the contaminated environment and is therefore not contaminated. It also only triggers an alarm when hydrocarbons are present—no other liquids or materials may appear in the observation area—thus avoiding false alarms.

Thus, the detection, treatment, and alarm sequence are triggered automatically and in real time, following an analogue output that can be used on a safety PLC.

SpillAngel is an unrivalled new generation of fluorescence sensor’s technology. It benefits from the field proven experience of the previous generation with a new downsizing. It is particularly suitable for the detection of Oil leaks with the analog output and can monitored oil spill and oil in water in continuous mode for illegal oil release tracking and perfect fit for permanent survey in tank farms or pipelines areas. This technology makes SpillAngel a real answer for dynamic detection in water discharge and oil spill monitoring to improve safety in high-consequence areas

Spillangel is not just a smart oil detector to prevent oil leaks, but a comprehensive oil in water monitors unaffected by all weather conditions such as temperature, sediment, and tidal level. This technology with optical contactless sensor for hydrocarbon detection makes this single detector allowing dynamic monitoring of a release with reduced maintainability. This solution is a game-changer to support industry professionals ensure energy security avoiding loss of production and protect the environment at the same time in a critical moment where the industry is urged to engage in fewer emissions and decarbonize the production” commented Patrick VIEIRA, founder of the company and Oil&Gas industry expert.

The Middle East being an energy powerhouse representing almost 50% of world’s oil exports and 60% of oil reserves and 40% of natural gas reserves is the leading region’s for SENSOTOP.

Spillangel is an oil leak detector dedicate for hydrocarbon oil release prevention on sewage networks, industrial plant like water treatment, refineries, oil depot, tank farms or pipeline.

SPILLANGEL™ advantages: 

– Non-contact detection of petroleum products in water and on the ground

– No false alarms caused by objects other than hydrocarbons

– Designed for all-weather detection

– Applicable in hazardous locations with Atex enclosure

– Low weight and power consumption

– Adjustable pollution threshold to filter out minor detection events

– Remote access to configure operational parameters

– Operates as a stand-alone unit or in a network