Shaikhani Group receives prestigious IAIR Awards for Leadership in Property Development

Mahmood Shaikhani, Managing Director of Shaikhani Group, receiving awards at a gala awards ceremony held in Dubai recently.

Dubai-based developer bags a major international award in the Company of the Year for Leadership in Property Development – UAE category for 2016, its third international award in three months

Mahmood Shaikhani, Managing Director of Shaikhani Group, receiving awards at a gala awards ceremony held in Dubai recently.

Dubai: Dubai-based property developer Shaikhani Group has been honoured with IAIR Awards – a leading global awards scheme – in the Company of the Year for Leadership in Property Development – UAE, held at a gala ceremony on December 15, 2016.

Mahmood Abu Baker Shaikhani, Managing Director of Shaikhani Group, received the coveted award at the well-attended ceremony. It is the group’s third such honour within three months after the company was honoured with an industry-leading award by Forbes Middle East in September and Construction Innovation Award in October 2016.

The multiple recognitions comes at a time when the company is spearheading its real estate development business and expanding to a new level with total development portfolio value touching Dh3.5 billion involving the development and delivery of 2,100 residential units spreading across 12 towers.

“These awards are a direct recognition of the strong team efforts within Shaikhani Group. These industry-leading awards reflect our customers’ trust on us and the business community’s sincere appreciation of our works,” Mahmood Shaikhani, Managing Director of Shaikhani Group, says. “There are very few business entities who win such prestigious international awards one after the other in such quick succession. The multiple awards are three living testimonies of our quality work and our contribution to the region’s real estate and construction sectors.

“Shaikhani Group is one of the few private sector property developers who managed to steer out of the biggest economic recession and managed to deliver projects. I’m glad to announce that we are on track for the delivery of the rest of the projects.

“I am pleased to accept these awards – which are results of dedication, teamwork, hardwork and collective efforts by my team members and the award goes to them.”

The event was organized by the Italy-based Editrice Le Fonti or IAIR Group, a research institute and a global independent publishing house headquartered in Milan with more than 10 years of experience in the publishing field, with major shareholders from Europe and Asia. IAIR is one of the fastest growing magazines worldwide concerning excellence in innovation and leadership.

IAIR Awards is one of the world’s leading ranking systems and hosts award ceremonies in excellence in innovation and leadership. It is made up of the scientific committee of IAIR and along with a team of legal, economic and financial journalists in over 120 countries worldwide.

Since its creation, the IAIR Awards, in order to guarantee independence, decided not to accept paid sponsorships, only free institutional support. Because of this, buying seats at the gala is the only way to contribute in part to the high costs incurred.

About Shaikhani Group:

Shaikhani Group traces back its origin in 1978 in Pakistan when Abu Baker Shaikhani, a Pakistani entrepreneur, started a business in selling tea.

He later added masala, soap and household items to his list of products. After gaining experience in many trades, he focussed on property business initially in buying and selling of properties in the Sindh state of Pakistan, mostly in Karachi – the country’s largest city.

In 1978, he ventured into real estate development and undertook a residential project with 600 apartments. He successfully delivered them. This marked the real foundation of the Shaikhani Group.

The company went on to become one of the largest private sector property developers in Pakistan. In 2013, it delivered 3,200 apartments – the largest in the country that year.

By 2015, the company delivered more than 30,000 residential in different parts of the world. Leveraging on its strengths for successful real estate development worldwide, the group later identified untapped, emerging and growing markets, and diversified its source of revenues by expanding trading, manufacturing and other businesses.

Overseeing the global operations of the multi-billion dollar international business conglomerate with diversified interests in real estate development, trading, manufacturing and IT, the group is presently headquartered in Dubai and spread across 90 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.