Shailesh Dash Unveils Autobiography Aimed at Moulding the Minds of Aspiring Leaders


Award-winning industry veteran, Shailesh Dash, releases his autobiography on Amazon, nurturing young corporate leaders for Entrepreneurship.

Shailesh Dash

Dubai, UAE: Becoming a successful entrepreneur is everyone’s dream but only a few strike a bit of luck as the majority abort the mission due to lack of Knowledge and Appropriate Guidance. With his new book, Shailesh Dash sets out to correct this wrong. A celebrated entrepreneur, Dash recently released his Autobiography on Amazon with an aim to enable young entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and aspirants to follow their dream with the right guidance. 

Dash, who set up many successful business ventures in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region is an ideator and mentor. His autobiography — Entrepreneur: The Journey of a Lifetime, gives an insight into his personal experience of handling challenges and finding practical solutions in the cut throat world of business where staying self-motivated and focussed are of prime importance.

Dash compiled a short and inspiring diary of the lessons he learned along the way, sharing his business experience. The book delves into facing obstacles, seizing opportunities, and managing expectations. Using his experience as a guide, he tells the readers how to learn from mistakes and climb the ladder of entrepreneurship, while balancing between work and life.

“If you think you have a great idea which would help solve a problem faced by a large population, then you have the right idea for a StartUp. But to convert the idea to a successful business you need to take actions that will go a long way,” Dash explains.

A Compelling Read:

In just 14 chapters, the industry veteran summarises his experience, corporate journey and future aspirations of grooming future leaders to secure success in every sphere of life. The book is a compelling read for young entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own venture and are bold enough to be different.

“My purpose of life is to create successful businesses, taking great ideas and turning them into valuable and profitable entities,” says Dash who credits his success to his insatiable hunger for discipline, consistency, and spirituality. “My core belief is based upon adding value to society through increasing employment and improving financial literacy, making people as financially independent as humanly possible,” he adds.

Dash describes entrepreneurship as a beautiful experience and says if someone has a unique idea and is ready to go all out to make it happen, then he should certainly give it his all. There is no substitute for hardwork, a lesson, Dash learned very early in life and since then has abided to. However, an idea isn’t enough – one needs insights, research, objective, and sheer determination to make it happen. Yes, it takes an army!

“A sound vision that helps meet a certain demand or provides services required by consumers with various actionable goals and implementations are some of the inherent requirements for setting up and the eventual success of any business,” advises Dash who is also known for his philanthropic work across the region.

The fortunate veteran said entrepreneurs should not be afraid to take risks and in order to achieve big in life. The art is to balance between bold risks – which are needed, relevant, and contextual. During the pandemic, as individuals and businesses struggle alike, Dash’s book helps readers see the Silver Lining – for this experience is fortifying everyone into becoming better humans and entrepreneurs.

“There is no substitute for experience and we should learn from seniors and take their advice to stay on course for a successful corporate journey,” writes Dash in his autobiography that is now available on Amazon.

Golden Advice:

The outstanding entrepreneur also advised young corporate leaders to chalk out clear business targets, discuss them with the executing team, and map a strategy to achieve them within a certain timeline. “Don’t be afraid of change or failure. Both are important to grow in life. It’s the hunger to achieve and the lessons you learn with failure, rejection, and suffering which will be the stepping stones for your future success,” he concludes.

About the Writer:

Shailesh Dash is a veteran of the MENA Alternative Investment sector with over 24 years of experience. In his career, he has executed more than 150 transactions of over $1.75 billion, raised in excess of $2.5 billion from investors, managed a cumulative $6 billion of assets under management and served on more than 15 boards of prominent private companies across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

About the Book:

Raw, gritty, and straightforward, the book — Entrepreneur: The Journey of a Lifetime – reveals the author’s deepest thoughts, struggles and risks taken as he conquered challenge after challenge, becoming a celebrated figure in the entrepreneurial world. The book is a compelling read for young leaders, especially those who aren’t afraid to pursue their goals with every ounce of willpower, determination, and diligence they have. .