Shakespeare Communications represents disruptive indoor air quality start-up AirZones


SHAKESPEARE Communications is dancing on air after being appointed the incumbent PR team for disruptive UAE start-up AirZones. 

AirZones is the first fully-independent star rated standard for indoor air quality, launched in Dubai in 2021 and aligned to the Dubai 2040 master plan. Using high technology air quality sensors and monitors to analyse indoor air quality at a specific venue or ‘zone’, the company’s scientists and engineers then suggest simple improvements, such as changing products used in the space, to improve indoor air quality and the health of the building. Already working with leading local dining outlets, AirZones provides a clear ‘star rating’ to highlight the quality of indoor venues. 

Ananda Shakespeare, CEO of Shakespeare Communications, says: “This latest client in our ever-expanding roster is beautifully aligned with our company goals, of working with companies we truly believe in, and which make a difference. AirZones is an innovative, disruptive company, which is set to change the way people view venues – including offices, hotels, gyms, spas, restaurants, schools and clinics, for example – forever.”

Spokesman and AirZones company co-founder, Chris Leighton says: “Think of us as the ‘Trustpilot’ of air quality. AirZones is the latest tool in a company’s arsenal which provides a clear competitive differentiator. Utilising our hi-tech air monitoring services is a great opportunity for brands to promote themselves by showing how much they care about air quality for their customers and employees, for example. As we develop our presence in the UAE, we are keen to speak with companies on how we can help them achieve better quality air.” 

Air quality is an elephant in the room – especially in the Middle East, where old or unclean air conditioning systems can give rise to a host of health issues. In fact, the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) regard air pollution as the greatest environmental threat to humanity, citing it as being responsible for more than 7 million global deaths a year.

About AirZones:

AirZones is a state-of-the-art, technology-driven solution to the problem of low air quality. 

The quality of the air we breathe affects our health, concentration and enjoyment of life. Air pollution kills over 7 million of us every year, and causes a number of diseases from asthma to cancer and heart disease. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and The United Nations (UN) state air pollution is the single largest cause of disease from the environment. More than 90% of us are exposed to pollution levels above WHO air quality guidelines!

Using air quality monitoring systems, we analyse the quality of air in your workplace, hospitality venue or home, and then, based on the outcome of analysing more than two million data points, gathered over a month, we tell you exactly what the quality of your air is.

If it’s not up to scratch, we can advise several ways to improve it. When it meets international standards, the award of an AirZones Indoor Air Quality Star Rating is a competitive differentiator and proof that you care about your environment and your staff and customer’s health. 

AirZones is the world’s first Indoor Air Quality Star Rating™ standard. We make it simple for everyone to understand which venues have clean, safe air to breathe.

Without knowing what’s in your air, improvements are guesswork – so is the return on investment. The effects of purifiers and filters can be invisible – so how do you prove the benefits to customers? Without clarity of financial returns, investment is often withheld, and air remains polluted.

AirZones makes clean air commercially viable. By independently proving your air is safe, you attract more customers – and we all breathe healthie