Sharjah Chamber conducts three-day workshop on premier event management techniques


The Sharjah Training and Development Center (STDC), operating under the umbrella of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), has organised a three-day training programme discussing the management of general and special events, particularly parties and conferences.

The initiative aimed to upskill the Chamber’s personnel and government sector employees, gearing them towards mastering the intricacies of organising and planning significant events and conferences in line with the best international standards and practices in the domain.

The training shed light on the essence and significance of effective management, drawing connections between protocol, etiquette, and the nuances of presentation ceremonies. Participants were also given insights into the multifaceted roles within event and conference management as the course delved into the diverse spectrum of events, elucidating their prerequisites and the strategies to craft promotional blueprints for them.

The programme also focused on the financial dimensions of conferences, with participants being equipped with the know-how to devise and oversee budgeting and financial elements and being introduced to a comprehensive study of all activities tied to events. Moreover, the course underscored the importance of understanding customer behaviour and imparted techniques for effective customer interactions.

Abdul Aziz Al Suwaidi, Director of the Human Resources Department, SCCI, emphasised that the chamber is committed to fostering the growth and expertise of its employees across multiple disciplines to ensure professional excellence in partnership with the Sharjah Training and Development Center, a key institution under the Chamber’s purview.

Al Suwaidi further said that the initiative is a testament to the Chamber’s ongoing commitment to improving the standards of event and conference management across the Emirate of Sharjah. The training programme aimed not only to bolster the functions of dedicated event and conference committees but also covered a broad spectrum of topics and services vital to the business and economic communities. We seek to enrich participants’ skills,equipping them with advanced scientific and practical approaches in the domain of event and conference management.

For her part, Amal Abdullah Al Ali, STDC Director, emphasised the importance of the training programme, saying that the topics discussed were curated by a team of seasoned experts and specialists and are tailored to cater to the trainees’ requirements. The programme’s primary goal was to elevate their proficiency, further equipping them to adeptly manage events and conferences.

Speaking highly of the programme, the participants noted that its insights and outcomes have significantly bolstered their capacity to manage conferences and events both efficiently and distinctively.