Sharjah’s Department of eGovernment partners with EVOTEQ to deploy stronger critical infrastructure protection capabilities


Department of eGovernment (DeG), the government entity supporting the digital transformation vision of Sharjah, has signed an agreement with EVOTEQ, a digital transformations solutions provider for leading enterprises and governments through their digitization journeys to help secure smart cities and the critical infrastructures of the emirate. 

Under the terms of the agreement, EVOTEQ is set to deploy its global experience and expertise in cyberspace to assist DeG in providing local government entities with cyber defensive and offensive capabilities. Such specialist capabilities will enable public sectors to address cybersecurity issues in their networks and prevent any breaches.  

Commenting on the partnership, Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Qassimi – Director General of DeG, said: “At DeG, we implement comprehensive information and communications technology (ICT) strategies and services that are aligned with the vision of Sharjah’s leadership to bring happiness and elevate the standards of living of our citizens and residents. EVOTEQ is fully capable of helping us fast-track our efforts as it is a leading digital transformation catalyst with the capability of empowering smarter societies. More than anything, our ties reflect the significance of collaborative efforts to pursue mutually supportive projects for further development of our society.” 

“Our approach in safeguarding Sharjah’s vital assets necessitates the implementation of baseline assessments and cloud security, as well as the rollout of critical infrastructure protection capabilities. At the heart of our strategy is a “Security Operations Centre”. At the centre, highly- skilled cyber professionals will monitor security-related events using the latest technology to allow for rapid response to cyberattacks,” Jihad Tayara, CEO of EVOTEQ, said. 

Both parties also agreed to work together to explore, promote and develop potential collaboration opportunities and joint projects related to the provision of cybersecurity tools and solutions. They are looking at cooperating further in the areas of security event detection and response, cyber consultancy and assessment services, and critical infrastructure protection. 

DeG was established to provide centralized technological infrastructure and digital channels to Sharjah government entities, thereby facilitating G2G (government to government) and G2C (government to citizen) interactions. By providing secure and high-tech systems, DeG seeks to achieve efficiency and transparency in the transactions between the citizens and the Sharjah Government. 

“In line with the terms of our partnership, we at EVOTEQ will implement our global cross-industry cyber expertise and services to guarantee that the government entities in Sharjah have access to the best cyber solutions. We will leverage our unique pool of cyber resources and capabilities as we work closely with DeG to not only help protect the emirate’s critical infrastructure but also ensure that it can pursue its digital transformation initiatives faster and more securely,” Jihad added. 

The agreement further validates EVOTEQ’s strategy to invest significantly in building its cyber capability. Through its innovative and transformative digital solutions and platforms, EVOTEQ has been helping governments and large enterprises across the region to improve their performance, increase their efficiency, make better decisions, and create a meaningful impact on people’s lives. 

About Department of eGovernment, Government of Sharjah:

Established through Amiri Decree No. 41 of 2009, the Department of eGovernment seeks to contribute to building a knowledge-based society through achieving excellence in digital and electronic transformation in the government sector, in addition to providing innovative electronic and digital services, employing highly skilled staff and utilizing advanced operating procedures and technological systems, which meet international standards. The Department of eGovernment also seeks to support the growth of economic, social and cultural affairs in the Emirate, which forms part of the comprehensive strategy to achieve sustainable development in the UAE. The Department of eGovernment works in collaboration with other government entities in the pursuit of transparency and corporate governance as benchmarks to elevate its functions through the use of modern programmes, notably, the ‘Information, Communication, Multimedia’ trilogy.

In order to achieve its goals, the Department of eGovernment develops strategies, plans, programs, applications and services of eGovernment, which includes the IT infrastructure solutions, the development and employment of common technical specifications and standards and the ensuring of digital and eGovernment services in all public agencies.


EVOTEQ is a UAE based digital transformation catalyst that creates digitally empowered smarter societies by providing innovative and transformative solutions and platforms to governments and large enterprises across the region. The company enables its customers to improve performance, increase efficiency, and make faster and better decisions, thereby helping them to meaningfully create positive impact on people’s lives. Working collaboratively with enterprises seeking digital transformation, EVOTEQ’s team of experts offer consulting and advisory on comprehensive strategies as well as design high-tech, advanced solutions ranging from business applications, data analytics, smart technology, AI, and blockchain.