Shi Dachan Oriental paintings and Calligraphy


Exquisite craftsmanship in ‘Great Ink Opens New Era – Tongxi Civilisation’ Exhibition to be revealed in the UAE

shi-dachan-artUnited Arab Emirates: For the first time in the UAE, leading artist Shi Dachan will be showcasing his ink paintings and calligraphic pieces at the Emirates Palace from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October 2016 and from the 5th to the 7th October at St. Regis Hotel, Dubai.

Shi Dachan combines ink art, traditionally from Chinese culture to express ways to co-exist with one’s surroundings in harmony. Inspired by nature and calligraphy, Shi Dachan introduces classic and timeless pieces of contemporary art that sets its own cultural and heritage trends in Asia’s art industry.

The paintings and calligraphy to be showcased in the UAE ranks among the finest in China and beyond, and will be perfect as masterpieces in art galleries and private collectors residences.

According to Shi Dachan, “Chinese calligraphy is very similar to Arabic calligraphy when it comes to attention to detail and accuracy. With increased interest from Ink Calligraphy lovers, it was only time before we ventured into the Middle East region to strengthen cultural ties with art lovers from the GCC and Levant.

Vanessa de Caires, Owner of Sulty Events and Entertainment Dubai said, ”We are delighted to introduce Shi Dachan to the UAE through this exhibition. Shi Dachan is inspired by the natural world, embracing conceptual art and his Chinese influenced collection presents a modern yet culturally diverse and authentic art expression to enthrall the local audience.”

Shi Dachan’s collection has an universal aesthetic, intended for a global audience and demonstrates the diversity found in current ink techniques. His style is used by the most admired and innovative practitioners aimed to create poetry with fluid and expressive ink tones.

Dignitaries will grace the opening night of the exhibition from China, UAE, with the attendance of Diplomats, Art Collectors, regional Businessmen and regional media.