Spacee announces TouchCar®, brings the future of vehicular retail one step closer


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Seeking to empower the Middle East automobile industry with futuristic in-store experiences, Spacee, an American tech company specialising in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, computer vision, machine learning, and robotics, is pleased to announce TouchCar®, a unique technology that relies on AI and virtual reality to bring cars’ features and specifications to life.

TouchCar was strategically announced as the GCC region consistently recognises innovation as an institutional culture, and Spacee aligns with the region’s mission to inspire and open the path for people to experience the ingenuity of the future today.

TouchCar® technology turns any vehicle into an interactive, 3D touch screen using the power of light. No phones, helmets, eyeglasses, or tablets are needed; nothing is installed on the vehicle itself. It’s an intuitive, frictionless system that delivers a one-of-a-kind user experience, blending digital media and the physical world to achieve increased sales and unique branding awareness.

Once a user touches the hood, it will come to life with a roar, displaying the engine and several icons that invite the user to interact with them and explore the features of the car. 

In an experience-based economy, Spacee is leveraging the increased demand for interactive customer journeys by using real-time data. The company seeks to help car showrooms promote their new models, understand the buying versus browsing customer behaviour, and identify the paths of action. Clients are also offered deeper product knowledge, comparison, and available promotions, effectively replacing traditional sales guides.

Founded in 2013, Spacee is operating in a global environment with international partners and multinational clients, offering two main retail solutions: Sense, a new frictionless customer experience that TouchCar® is based upon, and Deming, a supply chain and inventory solution that optimise store operations and supply chain efficiencies. 

The company’s expansion into the Middle East was launched at GITEX Technology Week 2021. Attendees experienced the e-commerce in-store shopping journey first-hand and explored the potential behind transforming pre-existing retail space into dynamic interactive digital experiences.

Spacee’s mission is to create amazing spatial experiences, turning everything, including walls, floors and objects, into interactive spaces using light only.

About Spacee

Spacee, a US-based computer vision (CV) company has made its mark in the digital transformation of global retail chains globally. Computer vision, a niche of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is used by Spacee to create unforgettable retail experiences, gather actionable real-time analytical data, and increase supply chain efficiency. Spacee works to capture decision-able data instantaneously, as it happens, with innovative technology and alluring systems that insight on the movement of inventory, sales habits, and consumer behaviour revealing essential knowledge to businesses, around the globe and in diverse markets, for making strategic choices that increase sales and growth.

Having revolutionised the retail industry with its transformative digital solutions across the globe, Spacee entered the middle eastern market through an impressive partaking in Gitex 2021. The company seeks to empower the regional and the UAE’s retail sector with a frictionless shopping experience through its patented virtual touch technology that can transform any 2D or 3D surface into an interactive touch screen. Led by its founder and CEO Skip Howard, Spacee is ready to digitally empower the regional retail landscape, with roots in Dubai, through custom experiences using only light and motion. 

Spacee’s innovative solutions seek to help the UAE’s and the region’s retailers get a better insight into customer behaviour and performance of products. It offers retailers the opportunity to replace antiquated, traditional retail tools with intelligent and innovative technology.