DUBAI, UAE: Metacon powered by GALA is proud to preview the long-lost introductory webisode of Stan Lee’s Slam-Girl, the first super hero created to live in the Metaverse in a place called Stanleyville. Former Marvel Comics Publisher Shirrel Rhoades, who recently discovered this lost parody of Spider-Man created by Stan Lee and Will Meugniot for Web 2.0 back in 2000, will be delivering a keynote presentation to share his exciting find of this never-before-released female successor to Peter Parker. Tickets for Metacon set to take place on 28th and 29th May at The Arena, Dubai World Trade Centre are now available via

Few people are aware that legendary comic book creator Stan Lee was an early pioneer of the Internet as a global entertainment medium. From 1999 to 2001 he built a Hollywood internet animation studio that employed 150 writers, artists and animators focused on creating the first super heroes to live in cyberspace. However, the company closed its doors when it fell victim to the dot-com bubble in 2000 and all of its creations were dormant for the last 20 years.  All in all, Stan’s studio produced a large library of unexploited super hero Intellectual properties. They remain mostly unknown today.

In 2017, SLH Ltd (HK) acquired the rights to those assets, and approached Rhoades – who had been handpicked by Stan Lee to succeed him as Publisher of Marvel Comics  –  to curate these IPs. Sorting through these assets, Rhoades came across Slam-Girl, a female super hero who gained her super powers by being bitten by a radioactive can of Old Spider Bite Lite beer. Although Rhoades has written two college textbooks about the comic book industry, he had never-before heard of this intriguing super hero character.


Records revealed that Stan Lee co-created Slam-Girl in August 2000 with the collaboration of legendary Marvel animation and comic book artist Will Meugniot. Stan’s goal was to reinvent the superhero for the Internet Age in the form of a twenty something millennial female slacker.  Created just months before the company closed, only one webisode (as Stan called these short animated features) was produced, but never officially released.


Although his old mentor Stan Lee had passed away in 2018, Rhoades tracked down co-creator Will Meugniot (pronounced “Mineo”) and convinced the retired animator to join in a project that would share this super hero secret with the world through NFTs and digital comics.


Meugniot has designed, and together with Rhoades produced the Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection based on Stan Lee’s original vision for his reinvented female superhero parody of Peter Parker. Slam-Girl’s unknown origin story will be revealed through new digital artwork.

“We are at the cusp of fully unveiling Slam-Girl, the most important never-before-released metaverse super hero franchise, created by the legendary Stan Lee as the parody successor to Spider-Man. And to be using Metacon as an exciting platform to share for the first time ever the beautiful journey behind this historic find with tech enthusiasts and comic fans in the Middle East region is a milestone we are proud of,” says Shirrel Rhoades. Perhaps best-known as the former Executive Vice President of Marvel Entertainment, Rhoades has a successful history as a publisher, author, filmmaker, syndicated film critic, comics scholar, college professor and museum president. He will be delivering a keynote address as well as answering questions around Slam-Girl at Metacon.

“Stan, the genius that he was, had always been ahead of the curve,” adds Will Meugniot. “We created Slam-Girl to experiment with interactive, Internet-based digital animation to reinvent the ’60s comic book-originated Peter Parker-styled superhero. For this project to still be relevant 20 years later speaks volumes about the prodigious talent that is Stan Lee and we couldn’t wait to share with the world one of the best-kept secrets of superhero lore.” In addition to being co-creator of Slam-Girl, Meugniot is also the master behind the animation of Spider-Man, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Ultimate Avengers II and more.

The forthcoming Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection will offer 10,000 unique NFT art collectables based on the never-before-released Slam-Girl superhero character franchise. It will be offered to the public by Immortals Group (a wholly owned subsidiary of publicly traded CYIOS Corp: CYIO) under license from SLH Ltd.  The project’s roadmap includes additional airdrops to the community as part of the collection, as well as other utilities of value for the NFT holders. Drop date and whitelist details surrounding the Slam-Girl CYBERspace NFT Collection will be available via the Slam-Girl NFT Discord Channel.

Celebrating the latest technologies in blockchain gaming and tech, eSports, NFTs, Web3, art, music, entertainment and more, Metacon will be transforming its four zones, MetaStage, Metaconnect, MetaArena and MetaSpaces, into quadrants of action and edutainment. Expect the MetaStage to host sessions and thought-provoking panel discussions tackling the most trending topics in the metaverse, and Metaconnect to feature more intimate workshops focused on practical and useful tips on kick-starting one’s blockchain journey. Those looking to network directly with trailblazing entities and personalities can get up close and personal with them in an entire exhibition zone at MetaSpaces while the MetaArena will be dedicated to top eSports and blockchain gaming showcases.

Tickets for Metacon are now available via, with every ticket giving the buyer the opportunity to mint it and turn into an NFT! Categories include WAGMI for a day pass and FOMO for a weekend pass, both inclusive of a Metacon One NFT Token giving visitors an always-on access to future NFT drops, exclusive events, networking sessions, online sessions and more at Metacon and beyond. ALPHA, the collectors ticket and the highest ticket category, will also be sold in limited quantity and includes an exclusive Slam-Girl debut collectors poster as a special Metacon edition gift, weekend access to the show, all the perks of the Metacon One NFT Token plus a mystery box of NFTs with a collection of NFTs from Metacon Edition One partners and participating projects.

WAGMI | 1 Day General Admission AED 100
WAGMI | 1 Day General Admission buying at the door AED 150
FOMO | 2 Day General Admission AED 150
FOMO| 2 Day General Admission buying at the door AED 200
ALPHA | Collectors Ticket (2 Day) AED 500
ALPHA | Collectors Ticket (2 Day) buying at the door AED 750


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