Stay Connected with iMind: A Revolutionary Video Conferencing Platform in the United Arab Emirates


iMind is a known tool for video conferencing in the United Arab Emirates. This solution is uniquely designed to meet several business needs and at the same, ensure ease of use. iMind stands out from other video conferencing solutions in many ways and there is every reason to choose iMind over other solutions.

Why You Must Use iMind Video Conferencing Platform

As a business, you must place priority on what works best and what keeps your business going. Using iMind platform for your video conferencing is one of the best decisions you can make in your business. iMind does not only provide video conferencing solutions but does it in a way that prioritizes quality. This can be seen in the following features that make the iMind platform stand out. They are:

  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • suppression of background noise;
  • connection quality statistics.

These features are key in providing a top-notch video conferencing experience. Not to forget that it features HD video quality. In addition, the WebRTC support given to iMind makes it possible to ensure confidentiality, protection and reliability for your conferences and your data as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Using the iMind Platform

There are a whole lot of benefits attached to using iMind platforms. Based on the unique features it supports, you can be sure of having a serene video conferencing experience. Some of these benefits are itemized below:

  • the noise suppression feature makes it possible for you to have noise-free meetings even in a noisy environment. You don’t have to worry that your participants would be affected by the noise in your background;
  • volume supports help you adjust volumes during a meeting. When you cannot comfortably hear a participant, you can just increase their volume from your end;
  • one-click participation saves you the stress of registering, downloading and installing software. Just your browser is enough to join a meeting. Except if you want to have access to other features like recording, you can just enjoy your meeting without registration;
  • one-time code makes it difficult for your account to be hacked since you only use them once. There will always be new codes for new meetings against the password method that is consistent and can be compromised over time with use;
  • concurrent screen sharing is possible for all attendees. Instead of sharing videos, you get to share your screen. You can watch up to 12 screens at the same time no matter your subscription plan;
  • it is possible to regulate who joins your meeting. Even when they have the link and want to join. The conference moderator alone can authorize or decline such a request. This way you restrict uninvited attendees from being a part of your meeting.

What Features Make iMind The Best Conferencing Solution

There are a lot of conferencing solutions out there but iMind beats them in having all the advanced features needed for video conferencing platforms. Some of the features of iMind that companies who need video conferencing should look out for are:

  • ability to host large groups;
  • easy screen sharing;
  • multiple communication and interaction options;
  • security and safety.

To enjoy all these advanced features, sign up on iMind and enjoy collaboration within your team.

What Are The Users’ Reviews About iMind?

A lot of users on the iMind platform have a unique experience using the platform. These experiences vary with users and often are a reflection of what matters most to them and their businesses. A lot of users write reviews about excellent functions, useful features, and the best online chat channel for communication, video conferencing and meetings. Another outstanding thing about the iMind platform is that installation is not needed to use their solution. There is no need for downloads, installation or registrations at all. Just with a shared link, you can join a meeting when invited.

iMind stands out in the video conferencing industry, providing seamless and sophisticated services for both personal and business communication.


Compared to other platforms in the UAE, iMind is highly secure. The amazing features of iMind are too obvious to be ignored as it factors in features that make the platform easy to use for any category of person. Amongst other features, the ease of use makes it most preferred by many users since they don’t need how-to guides to be on the right track. You may check IMind’s official Facebook account to avail yourself with what people are saying about the tool.