Strong Student Profile Tanush’s Secret to Getting a Scholarship and Admission to University of Massachusetts


High school student makes it to top USA university with a strong student profile and great recommendations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Even before he got to high school, Tanush Savadi always dreamed of going to an international university in the US. Along with preparing for the standardized test, Tanush had put extra effort into building a rock-solid student profile leading to the fulfillment of his dream.

Tanush knew that his SAT scores can fluctuate depending on the difficulty level of the assessment. But one thing he was sure about is that strong recommendations, valuable certificates and futuristic skills will help him get into his dream university.

18-year-old Tanush from UAE made it to the University of Massachusetts. Not just that, he secured a scholarship for his undergraduate program.

When we asked Tanush the secret behind his success, he shared that joining an online Artificial Intelligence Internship Program has helped him strengthen his student credentials with all that admission officers look for in a student.

The internship program is by and is in collaboration with the University of Oxford’s senior researcher. Before the internship, Tanush has also completed coding and AI courses in Clevered that have laid the foundation for his deep interest and understanding of the concepts.

During the 3-month internship period, Tanush got exposure and awareness to the real world of Artificial Intelligence. He grew his network and met professional experts from top companies around the globe like Pwc, Microsoft, Facebook and others. He chose to work on a project that solved a major social problem of helping people with visual impairment navigate their way through audio instructions.

“I am happy beyond words that my son made it to the college of his dreams and I would like to thank Mr. Kahn for the Letter of Recommendation,” Tanush’s mother exclaimed when we asked her to share how she feels. Mr. Ken Kahn is a senior researcher from the University of Oxford who offers dedicated mentorship to students who intern with him in Clevered’s Artificial Intelligence Internship Program.

Tanush’s father, who has been a constant support to Tanush said, “The fact that my son has such a deep understanding of social problems and the skills to solve them gives me immense joy. I thank Clevered for nurturing his interest and growing it to help him become an innovator! He has grown so much and has developed a unique leadership quality that colleges look for in their applicants.”

Top universities around the world no longer just look at SAT scores and grades. They look for students who are future-ready. To be a thriving member of the AI-enabled workforce of the future, one needs not just theoretical concept classes but hands-on project making where they understand the use of concepts.