Suliman Al-Zaben Director of Hyundai in the UAE – Juma Al Majid Est


On the occasion of the fifty-first National Day of the United Arab Emirates, we have the honor to extend our sincere congratulations to our wise leadership, which followed the path of the righteous predecessors of the founding fathers, and worked sincerely to translate their visions and aspirations into a living reality. And with the advent of this day every year, we recall the bright stations of our march that brought the homeland to this high rank, as a source of pride for its citizens and everyone who lives on its land.

On this occasion, we are pleased to renew the era of innovation and development in order to be active contributors to the sustainable development process that the UAE embarked on since the early years of its establishment, and to work according to its various strategies within the framework of national cohesion, so that our country remains a bright oasis that attracts the whole world to it.