Tadweer educates drivers about importance of correct waste disposal


‘Your Waste, Your Responsibility’ Campaign encourages motorists, general public to dispose of waste in designated bins

Abu Dhabi-UAE: Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) carried out an awareness campaign titled ‘Your Waste Your Responsibility’ to educate drivers and the general public in Abu Dhabi about the importance of correct waste management practices. 

Run in partnership with General Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police, Emirates Transport, Department of Municipalities and Transport, and Integrated Transport Center, the awareness drive encouraged motorists and the general public to dispose of waste in designated bins to ensure the cleanliness of public facilities including roads, pavements, car parks and passenger waiting areas. 

As part of its agenda, the campaign reached out to motorists and other targeted audiences in multiple languages to educate them about the proper methods of handling waste and the need to place waste only in designated bins.

To foster a culture of social responsibility and address the detrimental impacts of inappropriate waste management practices on environment, the campaign engaged motorists and the general public and educated them about the ways to dispose waste in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The drive also featured awareness videos posted on social media channels to highlight the need to avoid random waste disposal. These videos explained the types of colour-coded waste bins found on pavements and streets to ensure efficient segregation of general waste. They also educated people how to properly dispose of waste in buses, passenger waiting areas and other public spaces, and outlined the penalties for those flouting the rules.

His Excellency Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer, said: “Tadweer launched ‘Your Waste, Your Responsibility’ campaign as part of its priority to target various segments of society to ensure their active participation in the Center’s efforts to maintain public health, hygiene and environmental sustainability of Abu Dhabi Emirate. In enhancing environmental awareness among the targeted segments, we aim to deliver significant environmental, social and economic benefits for the society.”

Al Kaabi added: “At Tadweer, we are committed to continue engaging with various segments of society through conducting regular awareness activities and programs that use different means and languages ​​to ensure that our messages reach the widest audience possible. In effectively promoting proper waste management, and sensitizing people to the importance of maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of the emirate, we contribute to creating a safe and sustainable environment for the current and future generations.”

Al Kaabi also thanked Tadweer’s strategic partners for their outstanding efforts to ensure the success of the campaign and achieve its objectives.

Tadweer is the key government entity responsible for all activities related to the development of waste management services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, including the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste in a safe, efficient and economical manner. The Center is also tasked with carrying out pest control, educating communities about the significance of protecting the environment, and encouraging them to adopt sound environmental habits to drive sustainable development.