Tadweer Wraps Up ‘Al Dhafra Deserves’ Campaign

  • Drive runs for 90 days, includes both virtual and field activities
  • Tadweer carries out 12,000 field visits, distributes nearly 20,000 awareness leaflets

Abu Dhabi-UAE: Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) has concluded the ‘Al Dhafra Deserves’ awareness campaign that ran for three months in collaboration with its strategic partners including the Department of Municipalities and Transport – Al Dhafra Region Municipality, Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) and Family Development Foundation (FDF).

Launched in September, 2020 the drive included both field and virtual activities in view of the preventive measures taken by Abu Dhabi to ensure that the campaign achieves its objective of enhancing environmental awareness among the people of Al Dhafra Region. Run under the theme ‘Your Waste, Your Responsibility’, the activities focused on educating the members of society on proper waste handling methods in a bid to prevent littering, protect public health and safety and contribute to the environmental conservation.

As part of the campaign, Tadweer carried out field visits to shops, houses, construction sites and farms across Al Dhafra Region, and distributed more than 10,000 awareness leaflets, outlining the campaign’s objectives and proper waste management practices. The Center also distributed 8,500 leaflets to farm owners and workers to ensure their active participation in Tadweer’s efforts to reduce waste.

To ensure the effective delivery of campaign messages to the targeted audience, Tadweer teams visited over 896 shops, 8,500 farms, 600 ranches, 38 construction sites and 1666 houses throughout the campaign period.

In close collaboration with Al Dhafra Region Municipality and ADAFSA, they also sent carefully-worded short messages to nearly 10,000 residents and 8,500 farm owners across Al Dhafra Region.

In addition, Tadweer hosted expert-led awareness sessions through its social media channels including Instagram to highlight the importance of following proper waste disposal and pest control methods. Through such activities, the Center aimed to introduce the residents of the region to the consequences of committing offenses including the penalties levied by Al Dhafra Region Municipality for flouting the rules and regulations related to inappropriate waste handling.

Meanwhile, the survey carried out by Tadweer’s follow-up, monitoring and analysis teams showed that nearly 90 per cent of the people living in the areas covered by the campaign adhered to the procedures of safe and environmentally-friendly waste disposal, which validates the effectiveness of Tadweer’s awareness activities in promoting proper waste management practices. Such efforts support Abu Dhabi’s sustainable development agenda and ensures that the emirate’s aesthetic appeal is well maintained.

During the campaign, Tadweer also introduced the general public to its services that can be requested by calling Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center at 800 555.

Furthermore, Tadweer’s strategic partners including the Department of Municipalities and Transport – Al Dhafra Region Municipality, ADAFSA, ADDED and FDF significantly contributed to Tadweer’s awareness efforts as well as the campaign’s success through their continued support for the initiative.

His Excellency Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer, said: “We are delighted with the positive outcomes achieved by ‘Al Dhafra Deserves’ campaign through its virtual and field formats. The campaign has come a long way in achieving Tadweer’s objective of elevating environmental awareness among our target audience through providing practical solutions for integrated waste management. Such efforts allow us to put an end to improper handling of waste and its adverse impact on human health and environmental sustainability. At Tadweer, public health and environment preservation is a top priority to achieve Abu Dhabi Environmental Vision 2030.”

Al Kaabi added: “The success made by ‘Al Dhafra Deserves’ campaign throughout its 90 days run is a testament to the relentless efforts made by our workforce on the ground. We also thank our strategic partners for their support in delivering this campaign in a well-coordinated manner and according to the set objectives. In carrying out this awareness drive, Tadweer has succeeded in fostering a culture of social responsibility among the people of Al Dhafra Region and encouraging them to play a key role in protecting the health and safety of society and preserving our environment.”

Tadweer is the key government entity responsible for all activities related to the development of waste management services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, including the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste in a safe, efficient and economical manner. The Center is also tasked with carrying out pest control, educating communities about the significance of protecting the environment, and encouraging them to adopt sound environmental habits to drive sustainable development.

About Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer):

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) is a government entity set up in 2008 under the directives of the UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to build an integrated waste management system in Abu Dhabi and promote sustainable waste management practices in the emirate. To achieve the optimal utilization of natural resources and turn waste into a valuable economic resource, the Center has implemented several projects and offer a wide range of services across three vital sectors including operations, strategy, and business development and support services, and their affiliated departments. These departments are tasked with implementing Tadweer’s plans, strategy and objectives.

Tadweer’s key activities include project and facility management, waste collection and transportation management, pest control project management, and licensing, tariff and customer service management. These activities are carried out under the supervision of relevant departments responsible for various waste management services including waste collection, transportation, treatment and recycling. Through these departments, Tadweer manages several dedicated facilities and projects, and provides pest control and other best-in-class services to its customers. Furthermore, Tadweer conducts a series of public awareness programs to encourage different segments of society to adopt an environmentally conscious culture and contribute to creating a healthy, safe and sustainable environment in line with the objectives of Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.