Take a look behind the scenes at the Flagship Streamlined Unibody Design of OPPO’s Reno8 Pro 5G

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  • OPPO has continually sought to bring users a refreshing experience in design and colour with each generation of Reno devices
  • The Reno8 Pro 5G showcases an eye-catching, comfortable design with a unique premium streamlined unibody
  • The Reno8 Pro 5G is the thinnest Reno series handset yet and is available in two new stunning colour finishes, Glazed Green and Glazed Black

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Since its introduction in 2019, the OPPO Reno series has continually sought to bring users a refreshing experience in design and colour with each generation of devices. Classic designs such as a pop-up camera with a symmetrical back cover on the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom and the cutting-edge Orbit Light on the Reno7 Pro 5G showcase the ingenious creativity of OPPO’s designers in their pursuit to seek a balance between form and function. On top of these inspirational designs, the dazzling OPPO Glow process has brought dreamy colour schemes to the Reno series through each successive generation, pushing the boundaries with each breakthrough in craftsmanship.

This time around, the all-new Reno8 Pro 5G joins the Reno series lineup, bringing with it a brand-new unibody streamlined design and a premium colour finish, which once again light a new path for smartphone design.

Burdenless, Streamlined Unibody Design

In order to elevate both the visual and physical user experience on the Reno8 series, OPPO decided to pioneer an ergonomic design that provides a truly instinctive handheld and visual sensation. After closely observing how users hold and interact with their phones, Reno designers decide to focus on the concept of creating a ‘burdenless’ device centered around a streamlined unibody design. This design has been fine-tuned more than 100 times and has undergone more than 400 days of R&D.

In many smartphone designs, the use of glass back covers have meant the need for a separate material to construct the area which houses the camera module. However, this bi-material design is prone to the build-up of dust around the joint between the two materials, not to mention the fact that abrupt transition between the two materials is uncomfortable for users who support the device with their index finger on the back cover during use. This time around on the Reno8 Pro 5G, OPPO opted for another way to design the camera module area to both reinforce the streamlined unibody and improve its ergonomics and user-friendliness. Based on this approach, OPPO designers challenged themselves to cover the entire back of the phone with just a single piece of glass.

Compared with the sharp edges found on many other camera module designs, the Reno8 Pro 5G perfectly balances users’ comfort with aesthetic sharp edges. To achieve this, the camera module has been positioned using a 75-degree arc that connects it with the surrounding back cover, creating a highly streamlined design. During daily use, the arc perfectly fits the curvature of one’s fingertips, making the Reno8 Pro 5G feel more comfortable to hold. Such detailed design is the key to delivering a natural, burdenless user experience.

In order to create a smooth and seamless integration between the lens module and the rest of the glass cover while making the arc transition itself stand out, OPPO forged a single piece of Gorilla Glass using high temperatures and high pressure which enables the smooth arc transition to be embedded on the glass while also keeping the point of the transition precise.

The glass itself is shaped using a mould. During the high-temperature and high-pressure manufacturing process, any textures present on the surface of the mould will also be transferred to the glass. Therefore, to ensure that the glass comes out looking and feeling smooth, without any unevenness, the mould is first put through a three-step, half-day polishing process before the glass forging begins. Both the front and the back of the glass are thoroughly polished to a high level of precision until the glass back cover appears and feels ultra-fine and smooth.

The size of a phone and the edges of the mid-frame largely influence the way users feel when interacting with it. The Reno8 Pro 5G features a small bevel-cut design on the mid-frame that reduces the sharp sensation felt while holding the phone while keeping the same right-angle mid-frame appearance. Visually, the ultra-narrow bezels of the 6.7″ Ultra-Clear 120Hz AMOLED screen with about 2.37mm bottom bezels and about 1.48mm side bezels, help to offset the overflowing appearance caused by the combination of the curved screen and right-angle mid-frame, creating a highly immersive visual experience through the 93.4% Screen-to-Body Ratio. On top of this, a redesign of the internal layout of the phone has enabled the engineers to minimize the thickness of the handset to just about 7.34mm, making it the thinnest Reno series phone yet.

The Beauty of Rational Balance

Current smartphones feature a variety of different designs and materials to house the camera module on the back of the phone, but the introduction of a unibody design on the Reno8 Pro 5G poses the question of how this camera module could be incorporated into the all-in-one structure.

“It should feel like the camera module is floating up from the water, as though the ripples on the surface have solidified as the smartphone is about to emerge from the body of water but is still intrinsically connected to it”, explained the Reno8 Pro 5G designer.

Guided by this inspiration, the design team applied the famed golden ratio to outline the camera area, resulting in the prominent lens module that appears in the upper left section of the Reno8 Pro 5G’s back cover.

The strength of the camera system is further highlighted thanks to a design that draws inspiration from classic cinema camera designs, paying tribute to vintage cinema equipment. Other aesthetic touches include a clover-shaped design that integrates the macro camera and colour temperature sensor, as well as a Ring Flash design that encompasses two camera flashes.

The back cover of Reno8 Pro features precisely calculated curves on its vertices, which take their inspiration from an arithmetic sequence. The design concept aims to strike a balance between geometrical rhythm and visual aesthetics.

Colour GlazedAlongside design breakthroughs in shape, form, materials, and layout, OPPO designers have once again brought fresh new colours to the Reno series in a way never seen before. Available in two premium colour finishes, the Reno8 Pro 5G takes further inspiration from porcelain glaze techniques to add a further touch of elegance to the back cover.

Among these two finishes, Glazed Green provides a calming and soothing sensation to invoke a sense of relaxation in the everchanging world, while Glazed Black redefines the traditional black smartphone colour finish.

OPPO Renovators

To support young artists, OPPO has organized the Renovators Emerging Artists Project for four consecutive years, encouraging and supporting original and experimental art and design creations under the theme of ‘Art & Tech’. As technology and art complement each other, young artists and the OPPO Reno series share the same passion for innovation. Together with young creators, OPPO looks forward to bringing the beauty of technology and art to more people around the world.

About OPPO

OPPO is a leading global technology brand since 2004, dedicated to providing products that seamlessly combines art and innovative technology.

OPPO is on a mission to build a multiple-access smart device ecosystem for the era of intelligent connectivity. The smartphone devices have simply been a gateway for OPPO to deliver a diverse portfolio of smart and frontier technologies in hardware, software and system. In 2019, OPPO launched a $7 Billion US Dollar three-year investment plan in R&D to develop core technologies furthering design through technology.

OPPO is firmly pursuing the creation of the best technology products and technological artistry for global users. Based on the brand elements of leading, young and beautiful, OPPO dedicates to the mission of letting extraordinary users enjoy the beauty of technology.

For the last 10 years, OPPO has focused on manufacturing smartphones with camera capabilities that are second to none. OPPO launched the first mobile phone, the Smile Phone, in 2008, which marked the launch of the brand’s epic journey in exploring and pioneering extraordinary technology. Over the years, OPPO has built a tradition of being number one, which became a reality through inventing the world’s first rotating camera smartphone way back in 2013, launching the world’s then thinnest smartphone in 2014, being the first to introduce 5X Zoom ‘Periscope’ camera technology and developing the first 5G commercial smartphone in Europe.

Today, OPPO was ranked as the number four smartphone brand globally. OPPO brings the aesthetics of technology to global consumers through the ColorOS system Experience, and Internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO+.

OPPO’s business covers 60 countries and regions, with more than 40,000 dedicated employees to create a better life for customers around the world.


OPPO started its journey in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region in 2015 after setting up its regional office in Egypt. Following the immense success of the brand’s sales centre in Cairo in the first year, OPPO accelerated its expansion plan across the MEA region and inaugurated its country operations in the UAE in 2019. Now OPPO is physically present in more than 14 markets across the region, including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and the Levant.

To empower its presence in the region in line with its product localisation strategy, OPPO further invested in MENA and set up its very own factory in Algeria in 2017, thus, becoming the first Chinese brand to build a manufacturing premise in North Africa. Based on insights of local consumers in each country, OPPO has evolved the progress of product localisation, taking into consideration several perspectives towards each market, including product localisation, to further meet the core needs of users; marketing localisation, to better communicate with local young customers; and talent localisation, to understand local consumers further and provide optimum customer service.

Within the last year, OPPO has started to adjust its product line in the Middle East region specifically. This has included the launch of its flagship OPPO Find X Series and the introduction of the OPPO Reno Series. OPPO will continue to evolve its local product line to offer more premium series to consumers in the region.