Tasleeh Entertainment Hosts the Defense and Aerospace Committee Meeting for AmCham Abu Dhabi


tasleehAbu Dhabi, UAE: Tasleeh Entertainment hosted the Defense and Aerospace Committee Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi under the supervision of the Chairman Wesley Covell.  

In a press statement, the Chairman of the Defense and Aerospace Committee Meeting Wesley Covell said, “AmCham held its Abu Dhabi defence committee special meeting at Tasleeh Shooting Yas Mall and was a complete success. We played in their shooting ranges and indoor shooting arena for a slice of fun before the meeting commenced in Tasleeh’s board room. The board room is very well equipped and the team catered to all of our needs. I cannot wait for our next visit.”

The gaming arena served as the ideal venue for the prestigious event as the friendly staff led the AmCham team through a range of exciting team building activities that took place across the 4 ranges at Tasleeh Entertainment- Short Range, Sniper Range, Pistol Range and Jungle Range, following which the meeting commenced in the fully equipped boardroom.

The Founder and CEO of Tasleeh Entertainment, Salem Al Matroushi stated, “It was a great experience to host the Meeting for AmCham. We incorporated fun and excitement to the meeting with team building tasks such as Capture the Flag and Base Defend. We were overjoyed since the program was received well by the group.”