Tasleeh Holding Brings Guardiaris to Present at IDEX 2021


Guardiaris, a Slovenian Company specializing in simulation systems and training equipment

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Guardiaris, globally acclaimed in shaping up the defense industry by building the latest training equipment and generating state-of-the-art simulation systems, is in the capital to make an appearance at IDEX 2021.

Remarkable for its vision to provide the most calibrated training in a realistic environment, Guardiaris is present at the 5-day event to demonstrate the latest innovations and products that are effective to train and acquire the highest level of skills and experience to guard and protect.

With a good platform to engage with enthusiasts, exhibitors, customers, and partners, the brand ensures to lay out advanced training tools and immersive simulation systems that are efficient, competitive, and cost-effective.

Positioned at the Tasleeh Holding booth, discover and learn cutting-edge simulation software and advanced training analytics that are interoperable with the brand’s line of unique indoor trainers, maximum training combinations, and fully customizable interiors with a special set of variable configurations to accurately replicate the exact defense unit to master.

Catch some of the Guardiaris main products from the Mobile Training Systems, Various Weapon Simulators, and Remote Weapon Stations. Displayed at the Tasleeh booth is its primary highlight, the Combat Vehicle Trainer featuring its revolutionary mechanism for comprehensive training made to clone realistic situations for highly versatile, true-to-life, and platoon-level training.

Guardiaris is pleased to be in attendance at the largest defense exhibition and conference in the MENA region from 21 February to 25 February 2021 at the Tasleeh Holding booth.