Tasleeh Holding Takes Fratelli Tanfoglio to IDEX 2021


Abu Dhabi, UAE: In the 4th participation of Tasleeh Holding at IDEX 2021, the reputable company brings in yet again an acclaimed brand for manufacturing comprehensive lines of weaponry for sports, defense, and military.

Fratelli Tanfoglio, a well-established brand from Italy, will be in attendance at the 5-day event. Catch the latest range of advanced firearms at the Tasleeh Holding booth and discover the preferred option of police forces and security professionals.

The participation in this year’s largest defense exhibition in the MENA region marks the company’s effort in strengthening its presence not only in the global market but specifically in the UAE, Gulf Region, and the whole Middle East market.

Through the trusted alliance with Tasleeh Holding, Tanfoglio had secured an opportunity to display the finest defense products of pistols and rifles among other state-of-the-art weaponry it offers in the event.

Fratelli Tanfoglio has been specializing in manufacturing extensive sets of firearms that are suitable for sports competition, defense procedures, and military use. Producing to supply the demand of firearm supplies all over the world, Tanfoglio products are exported from Italy to the United States by Italian Firearms Group (IFG) and American European Arms Corporation (EAA), to Australia by NVT Pty Ltd, and is exclusively distributed by a local company in the UAE, Tasleeh Holding.

With a historical background that has started the brand after the 2nd World War, Tanfoglio produces around 90,000 pistols annually, 85% of which are exported to the world.