The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) held a workshop on the Federal Network (FEDnet) cloud services, with over 200 participants from 49 government entities in the UAE. The workshop touched on cloud services available through FEDnet, which are in line with the national digital government plan and the aspirations of federal entities. 

The workshop addressed key cloud services relating to artificial intelligence, remote work services and security services for protecting federal entities’ resources in FEDnet, as well as key challenges of the public cloud.

The workshop also included a review of FEDnet, its central role in supporting and enabling digital government transformation in line TDRA’s role in this regard, and its future prospects in light of the digital transformation plan prepared by TDRA for the next phase. The network currently offers more than 250 digital services, reducing expenditure by up to 40%, in addition to its role in accelerating the pace of work and reducing CO2 emissions, thus reinforcing the principle of environmental sustainability.

The workshop was held virtually and had participants from government entities and representatives of VMware, DELL-EMC and SPL.CO, who are TDRA’s strategic partners in delivering cloud services.

Commenting on the workshop, Eng. Saeed Belhoul, Director of E-Government Operations at TDRA, said: “The availability of advanced, efficient, resilient and high-capacity cloud computing services helps government entities achieve total digital transformation, positively affecting the quality, competitiveness and efficiency of services provided by those government entities to their customers. This is a common goal for all of us that we strive towards through TDRA’s enabling role, by our fruitful and close cooperation with government entities, as well as through our strong partnerships with the private sector. The existence of advanced cloud services helps foster a culture of innovation to build globally competitive digital services and products, and creates new job opportunities in the field of information technology. Hence the importance of this workshop, which saw an active interaction from all participants.” 

In turn, Eng. Ahmed Salman, Manager of Cloud Services at TDRA, said: “The main objectives of the FEDnet program are to ensure linkage and integration between all federal government entities, and to provide uninterrupted connectivity effectively and securely between such entities, by using a common infrastructure and by strengthening communication channels between different federal entities in the UAE through a unified, secure technological infrastructure. Cloud computing provides online IT resources to government entities, such as servers, storage units, databases, software, analytical tools and AI, with the aim of making access to these services easier, faster and more economically viable.”

The panelists discussed the great potential of cloud services in terms of hosting and monitoring capabilities, enhancing the cloud performance experience, and the ability to manage self-services. The workshop also addressed key digital templates, necessary drivers, scaling policies, operating systems and profiles. The workshop highlighted the key capabilities provided by UAE cloud services to users, such as monitoring and measurement features.

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