The Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport Sharjah Branch debuts at Posidonia 2022


Through its participation, the Academy is showcasing its core capabilities and innovative digital solutions in training and education 

Greece: The Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport Sharjah Branch (AASTS), has successfully participated in Posidonia 2022. Scheduled to be held from 6-10 June 2022 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo, Greece, the trade show, will build on its decade-long legacy of uniting international shipowners and showcasing the latest products and services in the industry. 

Through its participation in Posidonia, the Academy is exhibiting its comprehensive programs, hi-tech training facilities and smart education systems. It is also promoting its advanced training methods, thus working towards its mission of inspiring the younger generation to be a part of the maritime industry.

H.E. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Farag, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport said, “The maritime sector is integral to the global economy. Hence, ensuring knowledge transfer in the industry, across the region is one of our key objectives. We firmly believe in catalysing its growth by educating aspiring maritime professionals, who will transform the sector with their pioneering work. At Posidonia, we are looking forward to building on this objective. Apart from this, we aim to not only promote our specialised programs, but also reach out to students who are looking for a competitive curriculum in maritime studies.”

Dr. Capt. Ahmed Youssef, Associate Dean, College of Maritime Transport and Technology, AASTS said, “With the constant growth of the maritime sector, there is always a need for skilled calibre. Through the academy, we are enriching the local and regional markets with talented, well-trained professionals. Through our efforts and the Academy’s state-of-the-art technologies and advanced simulators, we are contributing to training, research and development in the field. Additionally, AASTS also cooperates with the training departments of shipping companies to design specialised training programmes in various technical and administrative areas. With our participation in Posidonia, an event that the entire maritime community has been waiting for, for the last four years, we hope to take advantage of the access to global maritime organisations. The event has given two of our students the golden opportunity to interact with big-wigs in the sector, providing them with an experience like never before.”

Global exposure

The 2022 edition of Posidonia will host a total of 24 National Pavilions from Europe, North America and Asia. 1,948 companies from 88 countries will exhibit their products and services during the event which is expected to be attended by more than 18,000 visitors. Considering the scale of the event, the Academy nominated two of its students from the Maritime Transport Technology specialisation to be present at the event.

Taif Alrayssi said, “We are glad that the Academy gave us the opportunity to attend Posidonia 2022. The event has been an enlightening experience. It has allowed us to interact with some of the most renowned names in the global maritime industry and a chance to understand the intricacies of operations in the sector.”

Ismail Alblooshi said, “As an aspiring maritime professional, it is essential to understand the sector at all levels – local, regional and global. Posidonia that unites the international shipping community gives a bird’s eye view of the sector. It has opened up our minds in unimaginable ways. We now understand the workings of the industry better and its significance to the global economy.” 

Posidonia 2022 is shedding light on crucial issues facing the global maritime community. The impact of skyrocketing energy prices, energy transition, importance of decarbonisation, environmental regulations, and supply chain efficiency, among others will be discussed by key industry decision-makers, regulators and policymakers, government officials, world leaders, analysts and academics.