The Arbor School becomes the first school to have sustainable school uniforms in the UAE and the only school in the world to adopt the EON Circular ID


Dubai, UAE: On September 6, the Arbor School, a dynamic and forward-thinking school that nurtures a core belief in environmental mindfulness, responsibility, and sustainability, became the first school to have a sustainable uniform in the UAE, and the only school in the world to adopt the EON Circular ID, also adopted by YOOX Net-a-Porter, Pangaia, Houdini Sportswear, Unspun (apart of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation Jeans Resign Program), and Nanushka. 

Staying true to its core pillars of eco-literacy, sustainability and environmental justice, The Arbor School partnered with homegrown sustainable school uniform brand, Kapes to offer parents and children ethically made school uniforms, free from harmful chemicals. The uniforms are made in their entirety from high-quality sustainable materials, including global organic textile standard (GOTs) certified organic cotton, 100% REPREVE recycled polyester, regenerated nylon, coconut shell, and use only non-toxic and non-harmful dyes. 

For every student at the Arbor School that purchases a Kapes uniform, the Arbor School and Kapes will also give a free uniform to a child in need in a developing country. Through a unique QR code found in every single garment, an incentive and reward system is also developed for parents and children to track the return of items. This initiative will therefore allow for the adoption of a scalable second-hand uniform program. Additionally, the QR code will allow students to learn more about that product’s journey as Kapes’ champions transparency of its products, offering auditable records verified by blockchain and confirmed promises such as the item being made from certified organic cotton. 

Commenting on the partnership with Kapes, Brett Girven, Principal of the Arbor School stated it as the perfect initiative to further the importance of sustainability to its community and cement it further within the core curriculum.

“As a part of the core vision for the Arbor School to develop and embed sustainability as a whole-school approach, we are excited to announce our partnership with Kapes, supplying 100 percent sustainable, organic uniforms to our community. School uniforms are a part of the retail and sustainability industry which causes a huge environmental impact as these garments typically are made from non-recycled synthetic fibres, like polyester, which sheds microplastics and ends up in landfills where they can take hundreds of years to decompose. There is also a large social implication, as it has been documented that some uniforms are made in unethical conditions in developing countries. With fashion being responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emission, a school uniform is a great tool for educating children, as well as adults, about sustainability – and one we wish to tackle alongside Kapes,” said Girven.

About The Arbor School:

The Arbor School, located in Dubai, is a high standard of education based on the National Curriculum for England, offering a unique ecological approach to learning within a positive and caring school environment, that’s enriched with a compassionate, ethical outlook focused on eco-literacy, sustainability, and environmental justice. Pupils are encouraged to be engaged, resourceful, curious problem-solvers whilst connecting with nature and their world.

At The Arbor School, education is approached through a multifaceted, experiential lens. This is a necessary component of ecological place-based education and project-based learning, both of which are key foundational aspects of the curriculum. Our pupils are encouraged to be engaged, creative, curious problem-solvers whilst reconnecting with nature and their world.