The Center for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars receives ISO 39001 Certification from Intertek for its Road Traffic Safety Management System

The centre for regulation of Transport by hire cars receives ISO
The centre for regulation of Transport by hire cars receives ISO

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, awarded Abu Dhabi’s Center for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars the ISO 39001:2012 certification, in recognition of its Road Traffic Safety (RTS) management systems. The Abu Dhabi government’s entity, which regulates and manages the taxi and public transport sector, is the first regulatory body to receive this certification in the Emirate.

The Centre underwent rigorous and impartial assessment by Intertek’s auditors to ensure that its RTS management systems are aligned and compliant with international requirements. Intertek’s audit process, along with the Centre’s commitment to bring safety to the Emirate, is designed to help save lives by minimising deaths and serious injuries caused by traffic accidents and help to reduce accident-related operational and insurance costs and work interruptions.

Hussain Al-Atrakchi, Chairman of Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan, said: “Receiving the ISO 39001:2012 certification is a major achievement for the Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars and reflects its commitment as a governmental entity to improving road safety and saving lives. This international standard will help the Centre make a direct impact on the safety of our community. Intertek is dedicated to providing audits and certifications that assure the adoption of highest quality standards across operational and management functions at any organisation.”

Mohamed Darwish Al Qamzi, General Manager of the Centre, said: “The ISO certification highlights our commitment to better serve the citizens of the Emirate. We will continuously monitor service quality, satisfaction and demand levels while exploring best practices in the industry. We aim to develop the taxi transport sector to the highest international levels of quality. This certification helps us meet our objectives and build a safe environment for continual improvement.”

The ISO 39001 certification creates a systematic process approach for organisations which aim to create safer roads, reducing and ultimately eliminating road traffic accidents. This standard is an effective tool for governments, automotive manufacturers and organisations worldwide to take measures in reducing death and serious injuries caused by road accidents. The requirements of ISO 39001 cover all aspects of automotive safety from speed to vehicle condition and driver awareness.

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