The Civil Defense Holds Mock Drill at Makarem Umm Al Qura Hotel


As part of the plan to raise awareness on safety procedures and ensuring crisis preparedness, the Civil Defense in Makkah Al Mokaramah carried out a fire safety drill at Makarem Umm Al Qura Hotel in cooperation with the hotel`s safety and security department.

The security personnel at the hotel conducted a complete evacuation process to minimize any imminent danger that could threaten the security of the guests, employees, and properties, by adopting the highest safety, security and prevention measures. Guests, employees and other staff from the buildings were guided towards safe assembly points as the fire alarm went off.  Conference rooms, ballrooms, facilities, and offices were checked after complete evacuation. The fire alarm, evacuation support, the ambulance procedure and the control room were checked for readiness. Before the live drill, a workshop was conducted by the Civil Defense team to assess and evaluate the whole process and increase the readiness of the security and safety Team at the hotel.

About Makarem Hotels:

Makarem Hotels, the award-winning Saudi grown hotel brand owned by Dur hospitality, was established in 1983 for the purpose of delivering authentic Saudi hospitality services across the kingdom.

In 2015, Makarem launched its revamped identity, and reinforced its position in the market with a new strategy that focuses on enhancing its presence in the two holy cities of Makkah Al Mokarramah, and Al Madinah Al Mounawarah.

“Makarem Hotels” operates more than 2000 rooms across the major cities of Saudi Arabia, and constantly seeks to enrich the hospitality sector with new innovative services and products that cater to the travelers’ various needs, while abiding to international standards.

The Saudi hotel Brand offers its individual and corporate guests special rewards and privileges through its loyalty program “Karam Club”, which enables them to collect and exchange points in hotels and resorts around the world. Makarem also launched its own application, compatible with IOS, android and windows, that offers its users various features and services.