The first-place recitation award in Otr Elkalam facilitates the realization of the dreams of a visually impaired Moroccan contestant

Mustafa Gharbi receiving his prize

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: The first prize for the most beautiful voice in the Holy Quran recitation category in Otr Elkalam (Scent of Speech) competition, amounting to SAR5 million ($1,333,300), has contributed to facilitating the realization of the dreams of the visually impaired Moroccan contestant Younes Mustafa Gharbi, from Casablanca, who confirmed that he has several projects, including learning and teaching the Holy Quran and its sciences and providing for his family and some of the poor and needy. He said that he intends to open some schools for teaching the Holy Quran in his country.

Younes said that since his childhood, he aimed to be independent, without becoming a burden on society. He added that he always wanted to contribute to the service of his country and to be called a reciter, an imam, a blind person, and a merchant.

Being blind, he memorized the Quran by repetitive listening. He later became the imam of the Khadija Bint Khuwaylid Mosque in Casablanca, and a manager of a small company in his city. During the competition, he attracted the attention of the jury with his distinguished performance and voice and reached the final stages, despite the difficulty of the challenge between the contestants.

The international Holy Quran and call to prayer competition is one of the initiatives of the General Entertainment Authority. It was broadcast on Otr Elkalam TV show on the Saudia channel and Shahid platform at 5 pm from the beginning of Ramadan.  The competition is distinguished by its high prizes and its specialized international jury.