• GMIS America will be hosted in the City of Pittsburgh
  • The announcement was made at the closing ceremony of the fourth edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (#GMIS2021) on November 23, 2021
  • #GMIS2021 was held during the six-day GMIS Week from November 22-27 at EXPO’s Dubai Exhibition Centre, featuring over 250 global speakers, including Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Ministers and CEOs Ministers and CEOs of some of the world’s largest organisations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The fourth edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) concluded today with an announcement launching GMIS America. Set to take place in 2022, the inaugural edition of the event will take place in the City of Pittsburgh, homage to some of the manufacturing sector’s most advanced and sustainable innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing.. The announcement reflects the Summit’s commitment to delivering strategic outcomes and value to its global network of partners through collaborative efforts and ongoing opportunities for growth through the introduction of innovative solutions.

The announcement was made by Namir Hourani, Managing Director of the GMIS Organising Committee at the closing ceremony of the fourth edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (#GMIS2021). Moderated by Simin Yazdgerdi Curtis, President, CEO and Founder of the American Middle East Institute (AMEI), the closing ceremony witnessed keynote speeches from Diane Farrell, Acting Undersecretary for International Trade at the US Department of Commerce, and Thomas Wolf, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The session wrapped up with a panel discussion between Michael Lordi, CEO of Elliott Group – a Pennsylvania-based turbomachinery company, Petra Mitchell, President and CEO of Catalyst Connection and Board Member of the Advanced Robotics in Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, and Danny Sebright, President of the US-UAE Business Council. Bill Flanagan, Chief Corporate Relations Officer at the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, and Audrey Russo, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, joined the panel virtually.

Namir Hourani, Managing Director at the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit. said: “With such a strong history in traditional manufacturing, once being a major industrial powerhouse, and the ongoing story of how the City continues to reinvent itself into becoming a center for advanced technologies and manufacturing, Pittsburgh makes the utmost sense as a location not only for the inaugural GMIS America scheduled for 2022, but also to establish an ongoing annual GMIS America edition in the United States.”

Pittsburgh was the second city in the United States to adopt the UN Sustainable Cities preceded by its adoption of the Four Principles encompassing People, Planet, Place and Performance (P4) set forth to index and monitor targeted policy actions. Its traditional manufacturing legacy combined with strong leadership, quality infrastructure, collaborative mindset, and proximity to two world-class, research-focused universities have allowed the city to reinvent itself as a major centre of technological innovation and advanced manufacturing in the United States.

Delivering a special address Diane Farrell, Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade and Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade Office of the Deputy Secretary pointed: “At the United States Department of Commerce, we are committed to create conditions that contribute to business and job growth by promoting advanced manufacturing, fostering innovation and increase in trade and investment. In line with the mission brought through by the GMIS platform, we look forward to be part of this great opportunity to foster global collaboration.”

Highlighting the City of Pittsburgh’s successful story of transitioning into a city at the forefront of innovation and advanced technologies, Thomas Wolf, Governor for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania USA, said: “The mission of the GMIS and Pittsburgh’s unique ecosystem align seamlessly, so it’s an honour to announce that the city will not only host next year’s summit but also establish a long-term, collaborative partnership with GMIS,” said Gov. Wolf. “Pittsburgh is a city with incredible history that continues to reinvent itself and my administration is committed to fuelling its growth and transformation, bringing new opportunities to both western Pennsylvania and the commonwealth as a whole.”

With the support of the American Middle East Institute (AMEI), GMIS America will be hosted in 2022. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the American Middle East Institute is set to closely collaborate with the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit to host the event next year. AMEI is uniquely positioned to attract leading corporations and institutions in the Middle East to the United States because of its longstanding strategy in developing business opportunities, educational and cultural ties between the two nation-states. Upon thanking GMIS for choosing Pittsburgh as its host, Simin Curtis, President and CEO, American Middle East Institute, said: “GMIS couldn’t have picked a more exciting host than Pittsburgh, a city that has reinvigorated its economy again and again with a unique brand of grit and innovation. I am delighted that the bridge-building mission of AMEI has brought GMIS to our city.”

The collaboration with AMEI reflects the outcome and lasting legacy of #GMIS2021 and highlights the Summit’s commitment to delivering long-term strategic results and value that will contribute to the sustainability, development and wellbeing of societies around the world.

Commenting on the announcement, Badr Al Olama, Head of the Organising Committee of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation, said: “GMIS America will showcase the Pittsburgh story to the rest of the world. As a national and global hub for advanced manufacturing, Pittsburgh serves as a perfect example for other cities around the world that are embarking on an advanced industrialisation journey. The Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit was launched in Abu Dhabi in 2017, and has since taken place in Russia and Germany (virtually) before coming to Dubai this year. Extending our reach to the United States was the natural next step for us.”  

The turn of the Fourth Industrialisation Revolution has brought in cutting-edge technologies such as Advanced Robotics, Quantum Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, Blockchain and more which together hold the reins for accelerating economic regeneration, emancipating industries, developers and innovators in the new Age of Disruption.

#GMIS2021 was part of the six-day GMIS Week that runs from 22 to 27 November. The GMIS Week includes the Global Prosperity Conference and the Green Chain Conference exploring alternative and renewable energy on 24 November, and country-focused conferences in partnership with the UK, Australia, and Italy on 24 and 25 November. Throughout the week, the Summit is also running an exhibition to highlight the UAE government’s ‘Make it in the Emirates’ campaign, a first-of-its-kind initiative to encourage local and international investors, developers and innovators to benefit from the facilities and incentives offered by the country’s industrial sector.

About GMIS:

The Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) was established in 2015 to build bridges between manufacturers, governments and NGOs, technologists, and investors in harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s (4IR) transformation of manufacturing to enable the regeneration of the global economy. A joint initiative by the United Arab Emirates and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), GMIS is a global platform that presents stakeholders with an opportunity to shape the future of the manufacturing sector and contribute towards global good by advancing some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The first two editions of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit were held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in March 2017, and Yekaterinburg, Russia in July 2019, respectively, with each edition welcoming over 3,000 high-level delegates from over 40 countries. The third edition, GMIS2020, was held virtually in September 2020 and convened over 10,000 attendees and close to 100 thought-provoking leaders from governments, businesses, and civil society.

GMIS2021, the fourth edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit, will be held once again in the United Arab Emirates from November 22 to 27, alongside EXPO Dubai, under the theme – Rewiring Societies: Repurposing Digitalisation for Prosperity.