The Growing World of Clean Beauty on Secret Skin

Anisha Oberoi

Whether you are a fully converted clean beauty aficionado or if you are starting to make more conscious purchasing decisions when it comes to a sustainable skincare regime, Secret Skin is a unique platform that is set to become your ultimate go-to destination. The award-winning Beauty Tech startup hosts an extensive range of exclusive, new-to-the-region beauty brands that are carefully researched and selected to ensure the utmost in performance – in addition to being nature-derived, non-toxic and made with clean bio-technology. Appealing to the conscious consumer, Secret Skin offers a carefully curated collection of personal care essentials that enable consumers to enjoy a more sustainable and holistic lifestyle, protect the planet and manage their own health and wellness – all through the narrative of beauty.

Since the start of operations just six months ago, the brand has already achieved much on its journey to educate, inspire, provide choice and make a difference: 

  • Secret Skin won the Women in Tech 2021 Global Pitch competition hosted by Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park.
  • A 66% month on month growth in customer base since launch.
  • An average basket size of 2.2 items per order.
  • 40% repeat users.
  • No cancellations or returns in 6 months of operation.
  • 60% user conversion at the first interaction (0-2 days)
  • Plastic recycling program to incentivize customers for pro-environment behavior 

Since launch, Secret Skin’s brand offering has more than doubled in size, from stocking 6 brands to 14 as it stands today. New brands available on the site include RHUG Wild Beauty, Natural Skin Rescue and Odacité California. Some of the new categories available include aluminum-free deodorants by Canadian brand, Routine as well as alcohol-free fragrances from Parisian brand, Hermetica. 

The UAE-based sustainable beauty-tech platform also has some exciting new additions coming soon in the form of personal care accessories, beauty tools, clean make-up and organic baby spa products – stay tuned! 

From face masks and balms, hair care, bath and body essentials to beard oils and fragrances, there is something for all clean beauty enthusiasts on Secret Skin. 

About Secret Skin:

Launched in 2020 and based in Dubai, UAE, Secret Skin is an ecommerce discovery platform that connects beauty consumers to Conscious beauty brands from around the world, built on a framework that aims at social and environmental impact. All brands available on Secret Skin are responsibly curated with beauty and personal care products that are safe for people and the planet, without harmful chemicals. As a Sustainable Beauty Tech start-up incorporated locally in Sharjah, Secret Skin is committed to raising awareness about Clean beauty, mindful consumption and women’s health in the region.