The jump in sales on World Shopping Day in MENA will be even higher than last year


The 11.11 sale is upon us – many brands have already started offering special promotions. Last year, the number of orders from brands’ websites and marketplaces jumped by 42% globally  and by 39% in MENA during the sale. This year, experts predict an even bigger jump in MENA  online sales – over 45%.

In order to predict the most popular categories of goods and efficient traffic channels, Admitad partner network analyzed over 144 million online orders worldwide and over 5 million online orders in MENA. 

Customers around the world were quite active on World Shopping Day in 2022, with the number of purchases between 1-13 November jumping by 42% and the amount of purchases increasing by 27%. However, online sales of marketplaces, including Chinese stores, grew even more, by 64%. The average purchase value was at $31. Not only has the number of online purchases increased – customer click-throughs to shop sites have also increased by 10%. 

The average purchase value in MENA during that sale was at $24. Number of purchases increased by 39, their GMV – by 51%, compared to the ordinary period. This year we can expect an even higher spike, because Admitad estimates that in 2023 the total number of online purchases in MENA is growing by at least 10% year-on-year. According to experts’ estimates, local brands and marketplaces can expect a jump in sales of 45% or more during the 11.11 weekend.

Top-selling products:

Some local shops have also joined the discounts. Their audience largely mirrored global trends – fashion purchases accounted for more than a half of all online orders. Beauty industry received 25,8% of online purchases, furniture and home goods – 6,2%.

All of the above categories are still relevant in 2023, but some of them have become even more popular among MENA customers. These major product categories currently show the most significant growth:

The source of the customers’ journey and traffic:

During the World Shopping Day in 2022, over 28% of purchases in MENA were made by users after reading about the product on various content websites and online media. Another 19,5% of orders were attracted by affiliate stores. 18,5% of orders were placed by customers exposed to contextual and targeted ads. More than 12% of MENA customers listened to recommendations of influencers in social networks.

It’s also important to pay attention to those sales sources that are rapidly gaining popularity among MENA audience in 2023 and increasing number of sales:

In 2022, publishers and partners have given a lot of attention to this sale, attracting customers for a reward from brands. Admitad estimates that profits of MENA partners jumped by 22% during the sale period in 2022. This trend continues. More and more brands are implementing partner marketing in their strategies – number of MENA companies working with that tool increased by 20% in 2023. The reasons for the growth are clear – partner marketing allows businesses to cover absolutely all ways of attracting customers and to get maximum coverage while not risking the budget when experimenting with new traffic channels. 

With the 11.11 sale ahead, it’s a good chance for brands to test strategies ahead of the main event of the year – White Friday. It’s important to consider popular categories and capitalize on the growing influence of certain traffic channels. This will allow brands to maximize sales and not lose out in the sale battle for customers during the heated autumn sale season.