The Oxford School Hosts Breast Cancer Seminar


Medical Oncologist Dr. Menatallah Tawfik will present a talk on causes, treatment options and how to have an open dialogue with their children on cancer

Dubai: In support of breast cancer awareness month, The Oxford School, part of the LEAMS Education group will host an interactive educational talk for parents and teachers on October 14 at the school.

The seminar will be presented by medical oncologist Dr. Menatallah Tawfik, to provide a better understanding of cancer-related conditions and how they can be managed. Topics will include: Causes of breast cancer, prevention, diagnosis/ treatment options, latest studies and ways to support family/friends who are battling cancer. In addition, she will discuss how to have an open conversation with their children, should they be diagnosed with the disease.

Daspo Yiappos, Principal said “Such initiatives are important, as it reminds everyone more people are being diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before and how early detection can help them and their families to better understand the risks, learn about their options and ways they can best manage it.”

The seminar will be held at the auditorium from 8:30 to 9:30 am