The Power of Social Culture in The Middle East

  • DCS 2021, part of Blockchain World, will show attendees the emerging media sector of virtual influencers across social media while showing the applications for brands at large.      
  • Offbeat Media Group’s CCO and co-founder Christopher Travers, who created the world’s leading source of information and truth on the topic of virtual influencers:, will highlight why brands should care about the future implications of synthetic influence across social media.      

Abu Dhabi, UAE:  Social media has undoubtedly embedded itself into our everyday lives, becoming almost an extension of our very existence. According to a Kepios report published last month, there are around 4.55 billion social media users globally, With the MENA region representing one of the highest penetration rates of social media as compared to other regions, per a New Media Academy study. In fact, up to 79% of Arab youths rely on social media platforms for news, an increase of 25% since 2015.

Yet, for all its dominance in our daily lives, issues persist in social media. Whether it is fact-checking information, ensuring content is not manipulated, or giving proper ownership credits to those who create content, social media is riddled with unique and complex problems. Blockchain technology has been touted as the key to fixing many of these problems, such as      data control and content relevance. Because of these benefits to the users of all platforms, the merger of blockchain technology and social media is a trend swelling on the horizon of 2022. For instance, the injection of Blockchain into social media’s bloodstream would mean that published data in its domain could be untraceable, could not be duplicated, and would be protected, even after its deletion. 

One such brand that remains at the forefront in the ever-changing landscape of social media is Offbeat Media Group. With access to over one billion followers across owned and brokered partnerships on social media, Offbeat use advanced trend tracking and digital storytelling to create and convert original content into fandom and culture. Essentially, Offbeat is a digital influence and entertainment company built to reach the digital generation. Offbeat Media Group has also been pioneering the Virtual Influencer space for over four years and will present on the industry at next month’s DCS 2021 event in Abu Dhabi as part of Blockchain World. 

Christopher Travers is CCO and Co-Founder of Offbeat Media Group. He is one of the leading voices in pseudonymity, social media identity, and pushing the boundaries of what brands can achieve through virtual influencers and the world’s digitization. 

“I am eager to attend this year’s DCS 2021 event in Abu Dhabi,” says Travers. “The MENA region’s aptitude for spotting digital innovation excites me, and I look forward to showcasing our virtual human technology and the impact of our social network to everyone in attendance.

Christopher continues, “From my research and experience, it’s clear that virtual influencers have the potential to achieve higher engagement rates and better fan retention than traditional human influencers. Multiple brands are taking notice as well, turning to the innovation of virtual influencers to reach the digital generation. As more and more people are born with the internet in hand, and companies continue to fund and build a virtual future, social acceptance for virtual influencers will certifiably only increase. At DCS 2021, I will delve into the impact these shifts will have on brands, on human influencers, on celebrities, and on the ever-changing DNA of fandoms at large.”

DCS 2021, as part of Blockchain World, takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre from 15th to 17th December 2021 and will feature wide-ranging speakers and panel discussions, including topics like Virtual Influencers. Expert brands such as Offbeat Media Group will inform attendees on concepts such as innovation opportunities with Virtual Influencers and whether the future of social media influence will even include humans.


With 20,000+ attendees, 200+ experts, 50+ leading enterprises, and 1 million+ followers expected, Blockchain World, featuring DCS 2021, is set to become a leading event in decentralised culture and innovation across the region.

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About DCS 2021:

The Global Distributed Cloud Storage Summit (DCS 2021) will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre in the UAE on 15-17th December 2021. This meeting will gather relevant government departments, notable blockchain industry experts, industry investment institutions, related academic and research institutions, star project parties, and other parties together. This conference will provide the distributed storage industry with more policies, financial support, and a greater influx of human resources.

About Offbeat:

Offbeat Media Group      is the digital influence and entertainment company creating innovative content for tomorrow. Offbeat is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is backed by investors such as Mark Cuban and Atlanta Ventures. The company uses trend tracking and digital storytelling to create innovative, original content while creating long-lasting relationships with content creators and distributors around the world. Offbeat is able to reach the social-first generation through innovative media properties and can generate fandom through the 1B+ follower network across social media. Offbeat knows culture because Offbeat drives culture.