‘The Premiere’ has broken barriers to provide consumers with their very own cinema


In 1895, the world’s first ever commercial movie screening took place in Paris, France, after two brothers developed a camera-projector called the ‘Cinematographe.’ Since then, the movie industry has become nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon. Thousands of cinemas are open in many countries across the globe, and audiences in the millions look forward to watching new releases at their favorite outlet. 

However, just like the movie phenomenon unfolded following a creative concept, so too has the home entertainment segment in recent times. The winning combination of technology and innovation has seen demands and expectations for next-generation products increase, setting the scene for ‘The Premiere’ lifestyle projector’s introduction – a first-of-its-kind innovation that delivers an all-in-one home cinema right out of the box. 

As a brand that prides itself on innovating to deliver newfound value, Samsung has ensured consumers can now acquire a masterful product that welcomes them to a new chapter in household cinematic adventure. Unlike anything that has come before, The Premiere empowers everyone to create their very own private cinema, with outstanding visual and audio components and triple laser tech coming together with a smart TV experience, minimal design, and features that delight and excite. 

Here, we elaborate on these main features and capabilities that have not only broken barriers, but also propelled The Premiere in distinct company alongside Samsung’s most sought-after releases:

A world-class visual and audio package

For every movie lover and entertainment enthusiast, picture quality is a non-negotiable necessity. As such, Samsung prioritized going above and beyond during The Premiere’s design and development process. Equipped with cutting-edge Triple Laser technology, The Premiere delivers outstanding picture quality and brightness, providing users with a unique home cinema viewing experience. Then there’s the notable color advancements. The Premiere’s RGB Triple Laser uses the foundational elements of color – red, green, and blue – to deliver true, vibrant tones, while a ground-breaking contrast range ensures all can experience vivid light and dark scenes on a screen of up to 130 inches in size. Moreover, The Premiere comes with supporting 4K picture resolution and is the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector. Of course, visual encounters can never be complete without audio. Therefore, surround sound is backed by Acoustic Beam technology, which maximizes left and right-side sound delivery for a truly immersive audio experience and blends perfectly with the projector’s visual capabilities. 

Entertainment favorites and Smart TV mainstays 

In addition to introducing consumers to completely new capabilities, The Premiere also provides the remarkable quality, connection, and services that brand loyalist have enjoyed with other Samsung products, with voice assistants, mobile connectivity, and seamless access to the Samsung Smart TV UI all available. Thanks to the ‘Instant On’ feature, the projector morphs into action right away and content options are boosted through popular platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. What’s more, The Premiere comes with connectivity features synonymous with other lifestyle TVs, such as ‘Tap View’ and ‘Multi View’, and world-class picture and sound benefits come together with lower input lag to ensure gamers also capitalize on maximum immersion in high-quality gameplay. 

Cutting-edge design and precision performance

The Premiere was created for several reasons, and one of these was to ensure consumers could add the finishing touches to their personal space. To meet this aspiration, Samsung combined viewing technology and its award-winning lifestyle product portfolio to ensure consumers could take home a product that provides genre-defining performance and sleek, attractive design. With a minimalist white design, rounded edges, and an aesthetically pleasing fabric finish, The Premiere promises to serve as the centerpiece for every home – compact and without complexity. Installation is quick, simple, and easy, and living spaces are immediately enhanced as the product provides aesthetic value that nobody will fail to notice. 

The Premiere’s LSP9 and LSP7 models are priced at AED 23,999 and AED 12,999 respectively, and can be purchased from Samsung brand shops, e-store and select retailers.

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