The Red Sea Development Company awards facilities management contract for its Coastal Village


El Seif Group to manage civic and business facilities at the Coastal Village set to house 14,000 employees 

Riyadh: The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer behind the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project, has awarded a contract to El Seif Group for facilities management services at The Red Sea Project’s Coastal Village. 

El Seif Group, based in the Middle East, will be responsible for delivering facilities management services to 18 residential buildings, 200 villas and townhouses, and the management office at the Coastal Village, where 14,000 employees who will eventually operate the destination will live and work. 

“Like our guests, our employees are at the heart of our destination which is why the Coastal Village has been designed to set new standards in employee accommodation and welfare practices. By working with leading service provider, El Seif Group, we are honoring our commitment to provide our employees with the highest quality of accommodation and facilities which are both comfortable and secure,” said John Pagano, CEO, The Red Sea Development Company.

El Seif Group was selected due to its alignment with TRSDC’s environmental and social principles and will provide sustainable living for all residents of the Coastal Village. Both companies will collaborate to develop, tailor and enhance the quality of living for all.  

Mr. Fahad El Seif, Vice Chairman, IFM “Integrated Facility Management”, El Seif Group said “The size and scale of TRSDC’s Coastal Village is incredibly ambitious and their commitment to go above and beyond existing employee welfare standards is impressive. Through our collaborative approach we intend to work closely with TRSDC to oversee the planning and implementation of services and protocols to ensure a high-quality service for every employee.” 

The 1.5 million m² Coastal Village area includes management offices, villas, townhouses and apartments, and a 144-room hotel. Envisaged as a vibrant community and set in a prime location on the waterfront, it will offer a range of amenities and leisure facilities including fitness centers, beach clubs and dining outlets, plus a hospital and school.

To minimize TRSDC’s environmental impact, the Coastal Village uses the latest off-site manufacturing and prefabrication techniques to develop buildings, reducing the carbon footprint. TRSDC also uses eco-friendly, sustainable ‘green’ concrete on-site to minimize emissions throughout the construction process.

The Red Sea Project has already passed major milestones and work is on track to welcome the first guests by the end of 2022, when the international airport and the first hotels will open. Phase one, which includes 16 hotels in total, will complete in 2023.

Upon completion in 2030, The Red Sea Project will comprise 50 resorts, offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites. The destination will also include luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment and leisure facilities.

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC – is a closed joint-stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia. TRSDC was established to drive the development of The Red Sea Project, a luxury, regenerative tourism destination that will set new standards in sustainable development and position Saudi Arabia on the global tourism map.

The project is being developed over 28,000 km2 of pristine lands and waters along Saudi Arabia’s west coast and includes a vast archipelago of more than 90 pristine islands. The destination also features sweeping desert dunes, mountain canyons, dormant volcanoes, and ancient cultural and heritage sites. It is designed to include hotels, residential properties, leisure, commercial and entertainment amenities, as well as supporting infrastructure that emphasizes renewable energy and water conservation and re-use, as well as a circular waste management system to achieve zero waste to landfill.

Activity for the first phase of development is well underway and is on track to be completed by the end of 2023. The project has surpassed significant milestones, with over 500 contracts signed to date, worth more than SAR 16 bn ($4.2bn).

The 100-hectare Landscape Nursery, which will provide more than 15 million plants for the destination, is now fully operational. There are more than 7,500 workers currently on-site and 80km of new roads are now complete. The Construction Village, set to house 10,000 workers, is now open and development is progressing well at the Coastal Village, which will be home to around 14,000 people who will eventually work at the destination.