The Sales Dept. unveils flagship outsourcing concept geared to help businesses boost sales and build sustainable growth


Business Rocket Launcher offers improved operational performance and access to world-class capabilities through a range of managed services designed to give companies an edge in a competitive market

Dubai, UAE: The Sales Dept., Dubai’s premier outsourcing firm, has unveiled a new service that seeks to assist companies outsource key internal business functions, subsequently saving them money while allowing them to focus more on their core business.

Dubbed Business Rocket Launcher, the unique service mainly targets start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, individuals, as well as established companies that are looking to minimise downtime and productivity disruptions. The new concept provides companies with a pool of highly skilled professionals, result-oriented departments and world-class IT infrastructure for them to tap into at an affordable cost.

Speaking during the launch ceremony, The Sales Dept. spokesperson said that the Business Rocket Launcher service, also known as The Power Team, was mooted to help mitigate operational challenges being faced by most companies, large and small, in the region.

“The Business Rocket Launcher is an exciting concept for any business seeking to accelerate its growth through core value generating activities. This new service now enables companies to outsource non-core functions, such as human resource, accounts, public relations, social media, and project management among others thus creating a level playing field for them to compete favorably with other players in their respective sectors.” said Mohamed Taboubi, Founder & Director of The Sales Dept.

Mr. Mohamed also noted that once signed up to Business Rocket Launcher, companies will not only save a substantial chunk of their overall operational cost, but ultimately also gain a competitive edge over their competition by prioritizing the company’s needs and freeing-up more mission-critical activities.

Through the Business Rocket Launcher packages, companies can also outsource essential services such as sales, marketing and branding audits as well as help in sales generation, deal closing, maintaining customer relationships, training, and in monitoring the company’s overall performance.

And with businesses in the region continuously feeling the pressure to deliver on set monthly and annual targets, Business Rocket Launcher outsourced departments create an efficient and seamless vertical pipeline, which in turn helps companies plan and budget better, significantly minimise costs and expenses and therefore guaranteeing desired results.

About The Sales Dept.

The Sales Dept. (TSD) began operations in October 2016 and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Sales Dept. partners with businesses that are looking to delegate various labour intensive and time-consuming internal systems in their various departments through outsourcing.

TSD offers two levels of specialized outsourcing service that are custom made to fit perfectly to the clients’ needs. These services are strategically aligned to the clients’ business objectives and goals with the aim of generating business results on their behalf.

TSD is powered by a competent, experienced, dedicated, and  seriously motivated professional sales team which is passionate about getting results at minimum cost giving clients’ a competitive advantage.

TSD provides a sales team that is guided by best business practice to act on its client’s behalf as well as train, set KPIs and monitor the performance of their existing sales team all in an effort to increase their results and help them achieve local and international growth.

TSD offers a passionate and experienced multi-lingual team who are result driven. The team’s core mandate is to extensively learn the business and work closely with the client to define targets and generate sales.

Upon sign-up, TSD assigns and deploys a team headed by a Director and assisted by an Account Manager and an Executive who help in defining the client’s target audience, evaluating their sales strategy and setting sales targets for the organization.