The UAE Society of Engineers unveils Excellence and Creative Engineering Award


Dubai, UAE: The UAE Society of Engineers unveiled during a press conference held at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre their first-ever highly anticipated Excellence and Creative Engineering Award which is meant to reward the exceptional work and results gained by the trailblazers of the engineering domain, in the face of an ever-increasing competitive market. 

Speaking at a press conference, President of the Society of Engineers, HE Eng. Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, said, “This award, which we are launching today, comes in implementation of the UAE Vision 2021, which regards innovation a key pillar which seeks to achieve a knowledge-based, diversified and flexible economy led by skilled UAE competencies, and reinforced by the best experiences to ensure the long-term prosperity of the country. The award will be given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.”

“The esteemed engineering awards have been made to organizations, individuals, collaborations and projects across all technical specialties, disciplines and career stages within the UAE engineering community,” he added.

“With change being so fundamental to organizational and individualistic successes, we are excited to hear from those organizations and individuals who have gone above and beyond when it comes to providing superior experiences and service delivery to their clients. This creates an infrastructure that improves life, supports the economy, and lays the foundations for future growth,” he added.

From designing efficiently to resource development and environmental stewardship, engineering firms put their expertise to work on a variety of projects that often go unnoticed, or happen behind the scenes. This award not only provides the opportunity to recognize the valuable contributions that engineers make to our local communities, it also showcases these outstanding achievements on a national stage.

The objective of the Award is to highlight the importance of national engineering work; raising the spirit of competition, creativity, leadership and excellence in various fields of engineering work to keep up with the pace of the continuous global growth wheel; stimulating national engineering competencies for development, creativity and leadership and spreading and encouraging a culture of excellence, creativity and innovation in all engineering projects.

Apart from celebrating among peers, this award will help to publicize the many significant contributions engineers make to the built environment throughout the UAE and its winners are selected by independent jurors who have distinguished backgrounds in various sectors of the industry.

They recognize engineering firms, individuals and their projects in terms of high quality, innovation and technical excellence throughout its entire life cycle, from the design concept through to engineering and construction and its wider contribution to society and to the environment.

Taking part in this year’s awards will give contestants the chance to showcase any previous, current or future projects. Recognition is awarded to industry players who form the backbone of the industry, working day-in-day-out to build a better future. 

After careful analysis organizers of the event managed to come up with three main categories for the awards which are further sub-divided to make up to a complete seven top awards. The three main categories include ‘Engineering Project’, ‘Individuals’ and ‘Corporate’ categories.

Crucially, this award will foster growth of the economy as it will create a more competitive edge within the industry paving a completely creative and innovative platform that will further stimulate the growth of the private sector and local industry. 

Concluding his speech, HE Eng. Abdulla Yousef Al Ali said, “The motive behind the prestigious awards is that by celebrating excellence and all that is good in humanity we are valuing human achievement and encouraging more of it. Let’s never forget that and always remember to acknowledge effort and excellence in various industries.”