The UAE’s Leading Reverse Logistics Platform, Cartlow, Partners with Eros, the Trusted Retailer and Distributor for Consumer Electronics to Empower Digital De-Carbonization.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Cartlow, the leading reverse logistics platform in the UAE and KSA, has partnered with Eros, a trusted Middle East retailer and distributor for consumer electronics, to further boost the circular economy.

The partnership will allow customers to walk into all Eros stores across the UAE and trade-in their old electronics in exchange for the best retrieval value to use against their next in-store purchase. The strategic partnership came with a goal to empower the digital decarbonization ecosystem by increasing the life cycle of products and reducing e-waste from entering landfills.

The rapid pace at which technology advances today and growing consumer demand mean that many devices globally will reach the end of their useful life after only a few years of use. These products will then be discarded in landfills, further polluting the environment. As stated by Statista, electronic waste has now become the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. The increase in environmental damage by electronics in the last ten years sparked the idea behind Cartlow, leading the founders to create the reverse logistics platform in 2019 to contribute to the sustainable practice by tackling the overstocked, aged stock, as well as returned products from retailers and distributors to be then expertly accessed, and sold at heavily discounted prices to consumers and businesses alike.

This partnership with Eros, which launched in March of 2022, aligns with the UAE’s strategic initiative to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Customers who trade-in their old devices will be then rewarded with a Green Certificate along with credit to purchase their next electronic device. Cartlow ensures that the old devices go through a closed Loop Reverse Supply Chain Ecosystem.

Mohammad Sleiman, Founder, and CEO at Cartlow stated, “We will continue to ensure sustainable innovation within our company’s practices. This partnership with Eros will allow us to promote in-store sustainability further, limiting waste to a minimum to ensure a brighter future for the environment.”

Since its launch, Cartlow has significantly impacted the shopping scene by enabling consumers with a ‘smarter way to shop,’ offering products up to 80% cheaper than the retail price. Cartlow thrives on becoming the go-to platform for shoppers searching for their favorite products and brands at unbeatable prices and selling their old devices to reduce environmental waste. The reverse logistics platform also holds the R2 certification, demonstrating its commitment to environmentally responsible recycling practices

About Cartlow:

Cartlow is the leading reverse logistics start-up in the MENAP region. The company combines re-commerce with returns experience and return management mechanisms which unlocks the full potential and benefits of Cartlow’s end-to-end solution. The re-commerce provider sells pre-owned, open-box, and clearance products across different categories including mobile phones, laptops, watches, TVs and other products on its online platform across the UAE & KSA. Cartlow’s main focus is sustainability and being 100% environmentally friendly by supporting the reduction of carbon emissions.

Cartlow procures products that are slow-moving, returned, pre-owned, or open-box from different partners in bulk at low-cost prices and sells them on its website and mobile application at bargain prices after passing their high-standard grading, testing, certification, and restoration processes.