The United Arab Emirates University Establishes the “Centennial Projects Center” to Support its Future Research Plans


Al Ain: As part of its efforts to develop its research and innovation potential in areas of national and international importance, the United Arab Emirates University shared establishing the Centennial Projects Unit under the umbrella of the office of the Associate Provost for Research. The unit aims to support the university’s vision to become a research intensive-university by conducting leading projects that serve the educational process and grant the university an international reputation for having the potential and the infrastructure necessary for promoting creativity and innovation.

Prof. Ahmad Murad, Associate Provost for Research, UAEU, asserted that this unit was established in response to the rapid changes that the region and the world are witnessing, which reflects the high level of flexibility and rapidity in interacting with the national strategic plans. This unit’s primary focus is to recommend and identify the strategic research projects and decide how consistent they are with the UAE Centennial 2071. In addition to collaborating with the colleges and the research centers to develop a vision that supports the projects’ infrastructure, employing the projects in supporting the labor market’s skills, and setting up the policies and procedures needed to execute the projects in a highly effective manner.

“The unit will oversee the university’s strategic projects. Moreover, through its various projects, it will play a role in promoting the university’s status as an academic research and innovation hub by finding scientifically proven solutions to the strategic challenges related to water, energy, food, technology, space science, education, genetics and genome and data science, besides employing the Fourth Industrial Revolution skills and digital technology”, he added.

Prof. Ahmad Murad stated that the “District 4.0 Project” is one of the significant projects that the unit will be overseeing. The project aims at promoting the 4th Industrial Revolution skills by integrating them into Education and Applied Research Programs, which will play a role in bridging the gap between industry and the labor market. The “District 4.0 Project” will be the most suitable means to overcome the industrial challenges through scientific research.

This unit will help the university attract professionals and great minds. In addition, it will contribute to promoting the university’s graduates’ skills allowing them to find jobs that go in line with the needs of the labor market. It will also encourage companies and industries to participate in these projects, leading to building solid relationships with the industrial community.