TPConnects, among first in the travel industry to receive the IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) Solution Provider Certification from IATA


IFG is an omni-channel payment aggregation platform that allows airlines to manage and optimize their different sales payment processes through a single global connection.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: TPConnects, specialized in Next Generation Travel Retailing, NDC Offer & Order Management and Distribution is one of the first IT Providers to have acquired the IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) Solution Provider certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  

IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) is fully dedicated to the airline industry and has been designed to meet the payment needs of all airline business models and sale channels. IFG provides to airlines a flexible and complete payment process, ensuring the consistency and availability of different payment options through all distribution channels to reduce payment costs, increase sales conversion rates and provide a seamless user experience through the entire passenger journey.

Aleks Popovich, Senior Vice President, Financial and Distribution Services IATA: “Congratulations to TPConnects for achieving IFG Solution Provider Certification. In this way, TPConnects is helping airlines to overcome the high costs and complexities of different payment systems.”

Rajendran Vellapalath, TPConnects’ Chief Executive Officer said “We are proud to be industry leaders on the implementation of IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) to our Software Solutions for Airlines and Travel Agents to retail travel.  With the Integration of IFG to our IATA NDC Certified Offer and Order Management Middleware for Airlines and Travel Aggregator Platform, instead of managing multiple complex connections to various payment service providers in many different countries, airlines and service providers now have the ability to offer the most convenient method of payment to their buyers”.

High running costs and the complexity of different payment systems make it difficult for airlines to maintain and deploy new forms of payments across their diverse distribution channels and networks.

With the adoption of IFG as a single universal payment platform integrated to TPConnects NDC Gateway for airlines helps address these challenges by streamlining payment processes and facilitating acceptance and control of different forms of payments including reporting to the BSP and ARC for agency sales settlement or the payment gateways.

This will also facilitate dynamic pricing and allows airlines to retail travel in a fast and efficient manner.

About IATA Financial Gateway (IFG):

Aligned with its strategy and objective to provide the industry with an exhaustive payment management solution across all the airline’s channels, IATA has designed a consolidated payment management system, IATA Financial Gateway (IFG), which provides airlines with the ability to streamline and optimize their payment processes and be in control of their payment efficiency.

As airlines become retailers to provide the same rich content throughout all distribution channels, the critical success factor is not only limited to lowering their cost of sales but also to increase their sales conversion rate.

Payment has become one of the key elements to increasing sales conversion and profitability as well as providing a seamless passenger experience. However, it remains a challenge as airlines are faced with the complexity of setting up various payment processes and accepting new forms of payment.

IFG gives airlines access to diverse payment solutions to help ensure a high sales success rate. Airlines no longer need to manage multiple complex connections to various service providers but instead now have the ability to make one connection to IFG and offer the most convenient method of payment to their buyers.

In addition, airlines are also able to accept all payment methods and process payment transactions from all distribution channels.

About TPConnects:

TPConnects is the only IATA NDC DUAL Level 3 Certified (IT Provider for Airlines and Travel Aggregator for Travel Agents) Travel Technology Company from MENA region.  Based in Dubai, TPConnects, an IATA Strategic Partner is specialized in Next Generation Travel Retailing, NDC Offer & Order Management and Travel Distribution.

TPConnects’ Offer and Order Management platform runs in parallel to airline host system (PSS). TPConnects highly scalable SaaS platform spanning the advanced Offer and Order Management is deployed by many of the airlines in MENA region including Saudi Arabian Airlines, Oman Air etc.

TPConnects helps Travel business (Airlines & Travel Agencies) to retail travel products and push personalized offers to potential travelers. TPConnects enables Travel Agents to Go Online by offering their own Website, Mobile Apps, B2B Agent Platform & Corporate Booking Tool – integrated with Flights, Hotels, Cars, Payment Gateway etc with ZERO initial investment.