Limassol, Cyprus: The multi-award-winning online broker, Trade360 proudly announces a new collaboration with FX Arabic Signals for the release of a new Telegram channel for the Arabic-speaking world. The channel aims to make trading more profitable for traders of all levels of expertise, allowing them to make better-informed decisions and take advantage of more opportunities as they arise. It will focus on trading as it relates to the GCC region, with extra attention to local news, asset development and local stocks.

Telegram channels are a great source of stock market tips, calls, and news for every type of trading. The channel’s goal is to help traders develop their trading strategy and ensure a consistent monthly income. Daily news, technical analysis, current market climate overview, and much more are included in this new complementary tool.

Greeting the collaboration with FX Arabic Signals, Chris Judd, Trade360’s spokesman commented:

“The partnership with FX Arabic Signals sets us well on a path to new horizons. The Middle East markets are still pristine in terms of innovative trading technologies to support decision making. The integration of a real-time trading signal generator designed for the Arabic markets allows us to provide a tailored experience to our clients in the region, by delivering real-time insights about popular assets traded there.”

About Trade360:

Trade360 is a multi-award-winning online broker, regulated throughout both the European Union (CySEC) and Australasia (ASIC).The company was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs and technology experts, whose primary goal was and remains the empowering of the general public to partake in the excitement and opportunities of the world’s financial markets.

Trade360 has long been considered one of the industry’s leading trading brands, offering a wide range of opportunities for traders of all levels of experience – beginners to veterans.Traders choosing to join Trade360 enjoy access to a variety of platforms (mobile and desktop), both with innovative and advanced features– from charting tools to intuitive layouts and, of course, superior customer service and excellent advisors to help them trade. Trade360’s innovative CrowdTrading is an integral component on both its online platform and mobile apps – the latter which are available through Apple’s Appstore and Google’s Play store.

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